Best premium golf jackets 2021/2022

best premium golf jackets 2021/2022

We already mentioned the challenges we faced when trying to keep all the golf jackets under the umbrella of one article. To try to compare the comparable we decided to split the golf jackets into two core articles. The best premium golf jackets 2021/2022 and the best value golf jackets will be the articles that we intend to take forward year on year.

Our intention with our apparel articles is to keep our categorized rankings lists to our top 5. Instead in our gear articles we look to keep it down to the top three. We just feel that most people are not so interested in considering options too far down lists. Our new rankings lists are dynamic and may change during the course of the evaluation period. This all depends on the products coming to market and what we have the chance to review. 

To give you a chance to see all the jackets reviewed during the period we will keep our best new mens golf jackets 2021/2022 updated with these and any reviews from ad-hoc lists along the way.

With our best premium golf jackets 2021/2022 rankings we will track, review and rank what we feel are the absolute best golf jacket options available on the market. Here we are not price sensitive. It absolutely does not mean we want to spend, but if the quality justifies it, we will rank it. 

Here we will also pay a little more attention and add a little more weighting to the value adds such as style and nice to have features. There may be a little more wow factor here. I am sure most of us has had to decide between buying something that works just fine vs. something that works just fine but looks better doing it. Well, that is what our best premium golf jackets is all about.

J. Linderberg Alex Mid Layer Golf Jacket

J.Lindeberg Alex Mid Layer Golf Jacket JL Navy Medium

When we started to discuss our preferences in golf jackets it was a very interesting to just sit back and listen. Universally everyone emphasized the importance of freedom of movement but it was interesting how quickly style and branding became of importance to some. I guess it should come of no surprise when thinking of the stereotypical country club atmosphere. What also was unanimously agreed was J. Linderberg has been delivering quality golf apparel since day one that not only scores on style and design but also is a leader in performance and the Alex Mid Layer Golf Jacket is no exception.

This is a super lightweight mid layer that is perfect for those who are looking to just add a little warmth or cover. It is a great also as a layer below your waterproofs on cooler days since the fit is not restrictive. That being said the elasticated cuffs and Oeko-tex fabric stay close enough to your body that you are also not feeling like you are burdened by cumbersome layers. 

There are ventilation panels on the back and under the sleeves and when combined with the quick drying breathable fabric the Alex Mid Layer does its best to keep you dry and comfortable at all times. It is quite often an option for me when I just want to throw on a t-shirt and head to the range since it keeps me looking presentable with minimal effort.

So, if you are looking for performance mid layer the Alex golf jacket is worth taking a look.

Lululemon Engineered warmth jacket

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The Lululemon Engineered warmth jacket is not specifically branded as a golf jacket as much as Lululemon itself does not manufacture a dedicate golf line of apparel. What they do however is make exceptionally well-made products that with top quality materials and attention to every detail. Supporting the claim is the fact that this Canadian company has been selected as the official outfitter for the Canadian Olympic team beginning with the 2022 Winter games.

The Engineered warmth jacket has a 100% merino wool Interior face which is soft against the skin and helps the body maintain is regular body temperature. The 4 way stretch material contours your body incredibly well without leaving you feeling constrained at any point during a full swing. When I tried gave it a try, I did not fell I was wearing a jacket anymore than feeling like I am wearing a perfectly fitting golf glove. When looking at sizing options keep in mind it is a slim fit sizing so for those who don’t quite fit that description you might need to size up.

The jacket is lightweight but does provide a little more warmth that similar weighted jackets so it is perfect for when cooler temperatures kick in.  It is not a winter jacket but it will be more than adequate as a shoulder season garment. 

What I also loved about the jacket is that it is not a “golf” jacket but still out performs many on the market. So, for those of you who like to have your own style, you are less likely to be teeing up with someone wearing the same outfit. Not to mention you would also have a hard time finding better looking athletic outer wear so transition to the 19th has never been easier.

So, for those of you who are not familiar with the Lululemon brand the Engineered warmth jacket would be a great place to change that.

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Oscar Jacobson Rowland Full Zip Jacket

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It should not be a surprise that a company that has been involved in the fashion industry for more than 100 years can make a stylish jacket that looks as good on the golf course as is does off of it. The Oscar Jacobson Rowland Full Zip Jacket does exactly that. What is more impressive is the jacket not only looks great but performs extremely well allowing the golfer to go after the ball with an unrestricted full range of movement.

The Rowland is a lightweight softshell jacket that not only provides full windproof protection but has a high degree of water resistance allowing you to withstand the odd shower and not have to switch to your rain gear. It is warm enough to handle the autumn months comfortably and the water-resistant fabric also quickly dries to limit the probability that precipitation passes when facing on again, off again ran showers.

Oscar Jacobson is a premium golf and clothing brand so the jacket does not come cheap. Having said, there is more than enough quality in the jacket to justify the price. When you take a closer look at the lines and cut of the jacket you start to realize the differences between the Rowland and more typical sport apparel manufacturers. 

For myself and many golfers when playing a more serious round on the course scoring is important but it is also important to also look the part. And make no mistake the Rowland Full Zip Jacket is a serious looking golf jacket that will protect you from the elements without getting in the way of your golf game.

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