Bag features considered

While we consider and present many aspects of our final golf bag top picks, we would like to help you understand our perceptions and viewpoints of some of the main factors we look at when coming up with our recommendations.


Our goal is to promote the best golf products with proportional costs. Most of us do not have sponsors or endless bank accounts so for us price is always important. If strokes can be saved dollars can be spent… if not better to invest them in time with your local golf pro. Since on any given day there may be promotions on specific brands, we always use themanufacturer’s suggested retail price for our point of comparison.


For anyone has ever carried their golf bag and stood at the base of long climb understands how much a lighter bag matter’s. Or on a hot summer day with the strap pulling down over the shoulder. Depending on the type of bag you are using the impact of the weight of the bag may be less or more important but it for sure is something that needs to be considered.


To state the obvious…. Your clubs need to fit in the bag. We believe that the expectations should also be in alignment with the type of bag you are looking for and we weight this into our recommendations for you.


The number, size and type of pockets are all points of consideration for today’s golfer. These are all points that we consider when we present you with our favorite picks.


We don’t place the number of color options high on our reasoning for recommendation but for some it may prove to be desirable. So, we thought we would let you have a look just in case…


Having played golf in all seasons we know how it feels to reach into the bag and try gripping a wet club then pulling out a wet towel to try to dry it off. For those players who play out in the open a waterproof bag is high in our points of consideration.