Category - PUTTERS

To a non golfer the importance of golfers finding the right golf putters for their game is incomprehensible. For them the subtleties and the differences between the infinite number of putter choices is about as meaningful as is their mini golf putter matches their ball. But for an avid golfer this story quickly changes.

Every golfer at one time or another wondered how it is possible that in 2 strokes they  have  just travelled 450 yards and their ball is on the green. Then taking 3 putts to gain the last 15 feet. This is exactly why the importance of putting to be able to score well in golf cannot be overstated.

It is important that golf putters not only feel right in your hands but also give you the  confidence that you are going to make the putt. The last thing a player needs is to stand over a short putt and start doubting the line. We have looked at the putters from all of the leading manufacturers and then some to come up with our best of lists to try to help give you that confidence and hopefully help turn those boggies into birdies.