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Good footwork is essential in being able to perform well on the course. Golfers tend to be meticulous when they are considering new clubs but often ignore the importance of having the right thing on their feet. The best golf shoes in general are the ones that you don’t even realise you have on. In most cases you only know it when it is too late and you have sore or wet feet or have just slipped on the tee and launched the ball off target.


We decided to make some changes in how we will maintain our ranking lists going forward. In general, our intention is to have a core set of rankings that we will update year on year. We also don’t necessarily follow calendar years. We have found that there are many gear launches in fall and winter for the following year so making 2-year intervals seemed to make more sense. Next year we will push everything forward 1 year so you will always be comparing the latest products against each other.


Our core articles will be dynamic and limited to our top 3 products. This means, that over the course of the year as new products are released, they may potentially jump to the top of the ranking. Since all of the shoes we review have their merits, we decided to track them all in our Best golf shoes for 2021/2022 ranking list. If you don’t find what you are looking for in the category ranking take a look there.


The core articles we are planning to launch for 2021/2022 and take forward are the following:


Best premium golf shoes 2021/2022
These are the top end and top priced golf shoes on the market. Our general bench mark is upwards of USD 200.


Best spiked golf shoes 2021/2022
Need a firm grip on the fairway, then this is for you. We are considering standard priced golf shoes ranging between USD 100-200 dollars


Best spikeless golf shoes 2021/2022
For those not looking for spikes then our spikeless ranking is the best place to start looking. Also, here we are considering prices ranging between USD 100-200 dollars


Best cheap spiked golf shoes / Best cheap spikeless golf shoes 2021/2022
Similar to above ranking lists we split between spiked and non-spiked golf shoes. But here we are looking to save you some money and looking at the budget options out there.


Best golf shoes for the rain 2021/2022
We decided dry feet was just too important so we will keep our top waterproofing options as one of our core ranking lists.


Best sneakers for golf 2021/2022
There has been a been a growing demand in the last years for the golf sneaker so we decided we would give them a space of their own.


Best casual golf shoe 2021/2022
Think golf sneakers and then think even less athletic and trendier and now you’ve got it.