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Our new 2021/2022 golf bag reviews are now up and running. We have completely revamped the methodology used to calculate and thus rank our best golf bags for 2021/2022 and beyond.

We have used all of the data we collected last year to come up with statistical baselines and standard deviations. In doing so we can now effectively measure the price-quality ratio’s a given bag has in relation to its alternatives on the market.To give an indication of the how the various baselines compare across bag types here are some of the averages:

Tour Bag Averages:

USD 676.10 / 10.16 lbs / 9.26 Pockets / 1 Color

Cart Bag Averages:

USD 238.41 / 6.06 lbs / 10.05 Pockets / 4.68 Colors

Stand Bag Averages:

USD 227.66 / 4.83 lbs / 6.96 Pockets / 5.15 Colors

Sunday Bag Averages:

USD 111 / 2.60 lbs / 3.60 Pockets / 4.40 Colors

In addition to the statistical analysis we also formulate ranking points based on specific golf bag features. It is an absolute scoring metric. Meaning that if the bag has the feature it earns the points, otherwise not. Under this format there is no room for subjective interpretations.

The final component to the overall score is our personal review/opinion score. This represents only 10% of the maximum potential rankings points. As such we are limited in how much we can sway the overall rankings and thus remove any potential biases.

We have also tweaked and finalized the list of core golf bag articles we plan to take forward year on year. Since manufactures do not strictly follow the calendar year for their product launches, we have decided to start making our yearly changeover to the new years rankings lists in the fall of each year.

Our most current rankings lists include:

If you are looking for something specific then hopefully one of  our sub-category golf bag ranking lists can help you find what you are looking for.