Best golf bags for 2021/2022

Best golf bags for 2021/2022

We have been working away at our Best golf bags for 2021/2022 rankings list for quite some time now. Even though it is still early in the new year we have been thinking for several months how we could improve on last years efforts. And we have! Our new ranking’s methodology and format delivers you what our peers don’t. A tangible comparison to the alternatives on the market. And here’s why….

Most rankings and reviews you will read tell you they like it (or don’t) by throwing up an arbitrary score. This is exactly what we wanted to distance ourselves from. The reason is simple. If I tell you, it is an A+ or 98% it does little to tell you about how it relates to other golf bags. Of course, a very expensive bag may have more features but it also does not reflect if you are paying a disproportional amount for these features. Our goal is to give you the best recommendations we can and that includes making sure you get what you paid for.

So far, a lot of words, so here’s how we are better. Last year we ended up reviewing upwards of 200 golf bags. Not only did we make trials and notes but we collected data, a lot of data. That data has allowed us, by using standard deviations, to create a product characteristic baselines. 

For various key characteristics like price, weight, number of pockets etc. we have created standard deviations for each of the specific bag types. The segmentation across the bag types keeps the analysis statistically relevant. It would make no sense for you to compare a data set for a Sunday bag in relation to a cart bag using the same weighting. 

The key factor is that the points the bag receives are purely based on how it compares to the average of the other bags in the market.

The second contribution to the scoring is the golf bags included features. In addition to the above characteristics, we have come up with a list of typical bag features. These are things such as the bags weatherproofing, its warranty or if it comes with a rain hood. This part is simple, if the bag has the feature, it gets the points, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

The last component of the scoring is our opinion since we thought we should have some say. Having said, we restricted it to 10% of the overall scoring, so we are very limited in the sway that we have. All told there are a maximum of 200 points a bag can receive. Once totaled we have turned it into a percentile for making the comparison more straight forward. 

Don’t expect bags to come back with 98%, it just doesn’t happen. So far this year the best scores for the bags we have rated are in the 70th percentile. 

With this system we have moved away from bias-based reviews and made it much more empirical. We are not interested in the name on the side of the bag. Instead our focus is determining the most accurate way to provide you with a true indication of a golf bags price-quality ratio.

Under this rating system you can expect a bags percentage score to relate to the following:

  • 70% + Exceptional
  • 60-70% Very good
  • 55-60% Good
  • 50-55% Average
  • Less than 50% below average

The last thing that we need to mention is that our Best golf bags for 2021/2022 rankings is the master rankings for all of our golf bag rankings lists. So, if we reviewed it, you can find it here. All told we plan to split the golf bag market into 9 sub-categories to take forward in 2021/2022 and beyond. They include:

Like all of our recent rankings we have limited each sub-category ranking list to the top-3 rated products. In a year’s time we will be pushing everything 1 year forward, re-calculating the data and coming back with the new best options. We really like the transformation in our golf bag ranking methodology and think it will help you find the best unbiased bag options for you. 

Fastfold 7″ Stand bag Orbiter Rain Dry

Fastfold - Orbiter Golf Stand Bag

The Fastfold 7″ Stand bag Orbiter Rain Dry’s score of 73.5% places it amongst the very top golf bags across all golf bag segments that we have so far tested.

While many golfers may not be aware of the Fastfold brand it has seen rapid growth in the last years. Originating in the Netherlands, its name is becoming synonymous for high end products at very reasonable price points

Key Features:

  • USD 135 RRSP
  • 3.77 lbs Weight
  • 7.0” top
  • New ultralite top and bottom
  • 4 way divider
  • 3 pockets incl. 1 cooler pocket
  • Towel holder
  • Dualstrap
  • Rainhood
  • 5 Colors

The high ranking was realized by its extremely affordable price and favorable weight that both rated at the very top side of the market. In addition, it checked the boxes of the majority of features golfers are looking for. Our only negative, on what is otherwise an exceptional golf bag, is the limited number of pockets.

The FastFold Orbiter Stand Bag is actually part of Fastfolds’ 2021 line. We didn’t get our hands on it until later in the season so we are really looking forward to testing the 2022 additions when they come to market.

Fastfold 7″ Standbag Orbiter Rain Dry
  • The Fastfold Orbiter Stand Bag is a lightweight, extremely portable, waterproof stand bag for all your golfing needs
  • The Fastfold Orbiter Stand Bag has a NEW ultra-lite top and bottom featuring a dual strap design for carrying ease and maximum comfort
  • Furthermore, the Fastfold Orbiter Stand Bag features a 4-way divider to store your clubs and keep them dry with the included rain hood and waterproof construction
  • There are 3 pockets including a cooler pocket as well as a towel holder for storing any miscellaneous items you might need
  • Available in 5 stylish choices: Red/Blue, Blue/Yellow, Orange/Light Blue, Black/Beige, and Black/Silver

Mizuno BR-D3 Golf Stand Bag

Mizuno BR-D3 Golf Stand Bag | 4 Way Top Cuff | 2 Full Length Dividers | Dual Shoulder Straps | Full Length Stand Legs | Insulated Drink Pouch

Mizuno’s latest golf bag releases have been very impressive and maybe none more so than the BR-D3 Golf Stand Bag. It is well deserving of the 72% score it received.

Key Features:

  • USD 210 RRSP
  • 4.5 lbs
  • Dual Shoulder Straps with 4 Points of Adjustment
  • 2 x grab handles 
  • Fleece Lined Valuables Pocket with Waterproof Zipper
  • Metal Towel/Accessory Clip
  • Loop Velcro Patch to attach glove 
  • Insulated Drink Pocket
  • Removable Ball Pocket Panel
  • Umbrella Holder
  • Rainhood

The BR-D3 Golf Stand Bag was able to achieve its top-rated status by finding an incredible balance between performance and value. It checked most of the feature’s boxes and delivered well above average in all the key comparisons characteristics. When you add all of that to a very good looking and comfortable carry you get a winner on any rankings list.

Sun Mountain Sync 14-Way Golf Cart Bag

Sun Mountain Mens 2022 Sync 14-Way Divided Golf Cart Bag

Sun Mountain is one of the producers that have got their full line of bags to market well ahead of the rest. On several occasions their bags have just missed out on our top rankings spots so am happy to see the Sync 14-Way Golf Cart Bag finally make the cut with a strong 71.50% 

We are firm believers in progress and while some golfers take issue with the molded bottom not being as compatible with older model push carts, we don’t. The fact is that when the Sync 14-Way Golf Cart Bag is coupled with a suitable push cart the fit is far more secure and comfortable to use that it would be without. The same people have probably bought a new TaylorMade driver for 3 consecutive years. So, relax, do your due diligence on integration with you push cart and enjoy!

Key Features:

  • USD 250 RRSP
  • 6.1 lbs
  • 10.5” Top
  • Fourteen individual club dividers
  • Bottom molded to fit (Speed Cart V1R, Pathfinder PX3 and PX4)
  • 12 Total pockets 
  • Ventilated cooler pocket
  • Water-resistant
  • Velour-lined valuables pocket
  • Velour-lined rangefinder pocket
  • Cart strap pass-through slots 
  • 2 Utility handles 
  • Matching rainhood

Sun Mountain’s Sync 14-Way Golf Cart Bag was able to get to the top by delivery a feature packed bag at a below average price. Its 6.1 lbs weight also was on the right side of the average of the cart bag data set making it an attractive choice for those wanting to save a little energy for their golf swing. 

Sun Mountain Sync 14-Way Golf Cart Bag
  • Fourteen individual club dividers run the full-length of the bag to protect clubs and prevent the migration of club shafts.
  • Bottom molded to fit over the lower bag rest of the Speed Cart V1R, Pathfinder PX3 and PX4, minimizing side-to-side movement.
  • There are twelve pockets including a ventilated cooler pocket; a water-resistant, velour-lined valuables pocket; a velour-lined rangefinder pocket; and multiple accessory pockets.
  • The range finder pocket lifts and there are cart strap pass-through slots behind the side pockets so you can secure your bag to a cart without hindering pocket access.
  • Two utility handles help get the bag on and off a cart or out of your car trunk.

Izzo Golf Ultra-Lite Stand Golf Bag

IZZO Golf Ultra-Lite Stand Golf Bag with Dual-Straps & Exclusive Features, 3.2 pounds, White/Black

Izzo Golf has been making golf bags for some years now and their Ultra-Lite Stand Golf Bag has gone through a few iterations but the latest model may be the best yet. Deservedly one of the top ranked bags with a 70% score.

  • USD 130 RRSP
  • 3.2 lbs
  • 4 way top 
  • Customizable ball pocket
  • Umbrella Holder
  • Integrated SmartGRIP Handle
  • Dual Strap
  • Rain Hood
  • High Strength 4200 Polyester Fabric

Izzo Golf Ultra-Lite Stand Golf Bag made it to the top of the rankings quite simply by understanding the needs of the market segment for which they are targeting and doing it better than most. They have positioning their product to meet those demands perfectly….

Light, functional, durable and economic. It is a winning formula everytime!

Izzo Golf Ultra-Lite Stand Golf Bag
  • Lightweight Golf Bag: At only 3.2 lbs, our golf stand bag is exceptionally easy to carry
  • Exceptional Organization: Our lightweight golf bags feature a 4-way top designed to keep your clubs safe and secure; Full-length club dividers help keep your clubs organized and ordered
  • Exclusive Features: Our golf stand bags include exclusive features like an Umbrella Holder, an integrated SmartGRIP Handle, a Dual-Strap carrying system, and a Rain Hood
  • Durable Construction: Our golf bags are constructed from high-strength 4200 polyester fabric that not only lasts but also looks great
  • Designed For Walkers: Light weight designed for the golfer who walks, but is still equipped with all the organizational and storage features you crave while on the course

ANTNA Lightweight Golf Stand Bag

ANTNA Golf Stand Bag 14 Way Top Dividers 8 Pockets, Protable Golf Bag with Cooler Pouch, Dust Cover, 5.5LB Lightweight Golf Club Cart Bags for Men & Women Blue

ANTNA Lightweight Golf Stand Bag is a great example of how much the golf gear industry has diversified in the last years. It used to be that the top options for golfers were dominated by the premium brands. With better quality gear coming to market and much more favorable price points it is a win for both golfers and golfers’ wallets alike.

Not so long ago you would never have found a bag like the ANTNA Lightweight Golf Stand Bagthat offers so much while costing so little and that is why it deserves its 70.25% score.

Key Features:

  • USD 190 RRSP
  • 5.5lbs 
  • 14 way dividers
  • Oversized putter slot
  • Cooler bag
  • 8 total pockets
  • Tear/spill-resistant
  • Adjustable padded dual straps 
  • Stable kickstand
  • Rainhood

ANTNA Lightweight Golf Stand Bag rise to the top of the rankings was due to the fact that it was able to deliver a very robust and weather resistant golf stand bag solution. Capable of handling a full set of clubs in an organized and efficient manner at a budget price. 

ANTNA Lightweight Golf Stand Bag
  • 14 WAY TOP GOLF STAND BAG -- Golf bag with 3 integrated top handles,14 way top, (only 5 wells) including an oversized putter slot, it can fit all the clubs you need, easy to take up and off. Perfect for senior golfers who carry a full complement of clubs.
  • ENOUGH POCKETS FOR ALL YOUR NEED -- 8 pockets, Include a big cooler bag, also rain cover, 2 big length pockets for tees, shoes, dual zipper pocket for balls, also other pockets for accessories, valuables, etc. Large room for everything needed on a golf course/golf game.
  • SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT GOLF BAG FOR MEN & WOMEN USE -- This golf carry club bag only 5.5lbs, lightweight. Support golf push cart, the base to fit securely in a golf cart, not only just stand bags. Great for traveling, trailer, camping, car trunk.
  • HIGH-QUALITY GOLF CARRY BAG WITH STABLE KICKSTAND -- Made of polyester and ripstop fabric, spill-resistant, tear-resistant and durable. With an elegant look, enough for long-time use. (For this batch of golf bags, we have made a QUALITY UPGRADE, FIRM shoulder strap, that does not easy to fall off and drop the line. ), Non-slip feet can stand in a stable and balanced position.
  • ADJUSTABLE DUAL STRAP -- Adjustable dual straps with padding to relieve pressure on the shoulders. Comfortable to carry when you walking. A nice walking bag for your need.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE GUARANTEE -- We will provide you 100% satisfacation guarantee. Please don't hesitate to contact us by email if you have any quality problems, so we can reply to you within 24 hours.

MacGregor Mac 2.0 Heather Cart Bag

MacGregor Golf Mac 2.0 Heather Cart Bag with 14 Full Length Dividers

MacGregor Golf’s Mac 2.0 Heather Cart Bag is a leap forward in design, retooling the models once slightly inflated look into a top tiered looking golf bag. Without losing an ounce in features this bag is well deserved of its 70.50% score and place amongst this year’s top bags.

  • USD 170 RRSP
  • 5 lbs
  • 14 way full length divider system
  • Oversize putter slot
  • 2 soft lined valuable pockets
  • 2 full length apparel pockets
  • Large insulated drinks pocket (fits 2 water bottles or 4 standard cans)
  • Balls pocket
  • Tees/accessories pocket 
  • 2 additional side pockets 
  • Rain hood
  • Golf towel/accessory buckle 
  • Velcro glove holder
  • Tee holder
  • Adjustable padded carry strap
  • External umbrella holder 
  • Quick grab top 

There should not be much need for convincing why the Mac 2.0 found its way to the top of a ranking list. Take a look at the bag, look at that list of features then check out the price. Enough said.

MacGregor Mac 2.0 Heather Cart Bag
  • DELUXE CART BAG - Tour quality golf cart bag with plenty of storage and a sharp new design,
  • 14 + 1 DIVIDER SYSTEM - Keep your clubs organized with this golf bag featuring 14 divider system with full length dividers, plus bonus oversize putter slot
  • STORAGE - Features plenty of function driven pockets, including 2 soft lined valuable pockets, 2 full length apparel, large insulated drinks pocket (fits 2 water bottles or 4 standard cans), balls pocket, tees/accessories pocket and 2 additional side pockets for any extra gear
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES - rain hood, golf towel/accessory buckle, Velcro glove holder, tee holder, adjustable carry strap, external umbrella holder, quick grab top
  • SPECS - Bag height 35". Weight - 5lbs

Mizuno BR-D4C Cart Bag

Mizuno BR-D4C Golf Cart Bag | 14 Way Top Cuff | Full Length Dividers | Single Shoulder Strap | Extra Large Insulated Cooler | Rainhood

Mizuno’s BR-D4C Cart Bag is another top quality bag in their new line of releases for this year. Intelligent design has maximized the utility of its multiple features making it not only a great looking golf bag, but also an extremely well thought out one. It is every bit deserving of a place amongst our top picks and its 68%.

Key Features:

  • USD 280 RRSP
  • 5.77 lbs
  • 14-Way Top Cuff 
  • Integrated Large Putter Well
  • Full Length Dividers
  • Dual Shoulder Straps with Quick Release Clips
  • Rubberized Grab Handle Integrated into Top Cuff
  • Cart Strap Channel with Durable, Abrasion Resistant Material
  • Magnetic Closure Pocket with Fleece Lining
  • “Mission Control” Organizer Panel
  • Large golf balls pocket
  • Velcro front panel for glove storage
  • Fleece Lined Valuables Pockets with Waterproof Zippers
  • Metal Towel/Accessory Clip
  • Full Length Apparel Pockets
  • Integrated Umbrella Sleeve
  • Quick Access Mesh Pockets
  • Loop Velcro Patch
  • Extra Large Insulated Cooler Pocket with Drain Holes
  • Removable Ball Pocket Panel
  • Push Cart Notch on Bottom Cuff
  • Rainhood

The Mizuno BR-D4C Cart Bag was able to achieve its top-rated status by, as you can see above, packing a long list of features while keeping the bag very close to the average cart bag price on the market. When premium bag companies are able to keep the costs under control they generally do well and the BR-D4C Cart Bag is a good example of that.

RAM FX Lightweight Golf Stand Carry Bag

Ram Golf FX Lightweight Golf Stand Carry Bag

We still have not figured out the synergies between trucks and golf gear but RAM’s FX Lightweight Golf Stand Carry Bag is a pleasant surprise and a good budget option for those to get a quality bag and save some money while doing it. It’s respectable 67.50% score is well deserved ranking it amongst the top early options of 2021/2022.

  • USD 130 RRSP
  • 4.5lbs
  • Automatic pop out 
  • 6 Total Pockets
  • 5-way 9″ top
  • 2 full length dividers
  • Rain hood 
  • Umbrella holder 
  • Golf towel buckle
  • Velcro glove holder
  • Dual padded shoulder straps with 4-point harness 
  • 7 color options

RAMS rise to the top of a rankings list is another example of understanding the market and delivering. The fact is at these price points you have products that have features that exceed expectations.  When we talk about price-quality ratios they excel because when you look at bags costing almost 2-3 times more, they just are not delivering 200-300% better products. And when you are talking about gear that does not directly related to saving strokes it becomes a hard argument to make.

RAM FX Lightweight Golf Stand Carry Bag
  • LIGHTWEIGHT STAND BAG - This bag has been on diet! Weighing just 4.5lbs, this bag lightens the load on your shoulders while still giving you all the features you want
  • AUTOMATIC POP OUT LEGS - Set the bag down with ease, stands at the perfect angle to grab your clubs
  • PLENTY OF POCKETS - ball/tee pocket, soft lined valuables pouch, full length apparel pocket, bottle pocket, pen holder, scorecard sleeve
  • 5 WAY DIVIDER TOP - Keep your clubs in the zone with the 9" 5 way divider top system with 2 full length dividers
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES - Rain hood included, umbrella holder, golf towel buckle, Velcro glove holder, dual padded shoulder straps with 4 point harness for comfortable fit

Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry Golf Bag

Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry Golf Bag

When you see the Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry Golf Bag appear at the top of one of our rankings lists you can be assured that you are not just getting the name but a whole lot of golf bag that goes with it.

We have seen that the new scoring methodology has been especially hard on the premium brands. The reason being, with a premium brand usually comes premium pricing. The further the price deviates from the average the more features need to be included to gain the valuable points. So, the Players 4 Plus StaDry’s 66.50% is a testament to just how good of a golf bag you are getting.

  • USD 315 RRSP
  • 4.2 lbs.
  • StaDry™ Waterproof construction with seam-sealed zippers
  • Premium double strap
  • Expandable full-length apparel pocket
  • 8 Total pockets
  • High-grade aluminum legs
  • Advanced hinged bottom for best-in-class stability
  • Lightweight, low profile top cuff with full-length dividers

The Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry Golf Bag rise to the top of the rankings is due to its ability to offer an extremely well built and stylish golf bag with quality features overcoming the premium price. Thus, delivering a golf bag with a favorable price-quality ratio.

Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry Golf Bag
  • Lightweight, low profile 4-way top cuff with full-length dividers
  • StaDry Waterproof construction with seam-sealed zippers
  • Expandable full-length apparel pocket
  • NEW Premium double strap
  • High-grade aluminum legs and advanced hinged bottom for best-in-class stability

Mizuno BR-D2 Carry Bag

Mizuno BR-D2 Golf Carry Bag | 4 Way Top Cuff | 2 Full Length Dividers | Dual Shoulder Straps | Manual Open/Close Mini Stand Legs | Detachable Mod Pouch

Mizuno’s BR-D2 Carry Bag is the second bag their new golf bag lineup to appear on one of our 2021/2022 rankings lists. And at the time of this review its 62.25% sits in the top position.

Don’t let the score fool you. Carry bags are generally limited by physical constraints restricting the number of features they manage to include. In the case of the BR-D2 Carry Bag, it actually is slightly larger and pushes the boundaries of being included in the Sunday bag category. This has given it some big advantages over its competition. Here we choose to reward innovation as opposed to punish straying from the norms.

Key Features:

  • USD 170 RRSP
  • 3.13 lbs
  • Manual Open/Close Mini Stand Legs
  • Water-Resistant Coated Underbelly
  • Removable Mod Pouch with quick release clips
  • Dual Shoulder Straps with 4 Points of Adjustment
  • Loop Velcro Patch to attach glove
  • Insulated Drink Pocket
  • 9 Total pockets
  • 2 x Grab Handles
  • Umbrella Holder
  • 4-Way Top Cuff
  • 2 Full Length Dividers

The Mizuno BR-D2 Carry Bag was able to achieve its top-rated status by pushing the limits of a carry bag to the edge without falling off it. By doing so it has packed itself with features and capabilities not found in most Sunday bags, such as a 14-club capacity, and yet remains as comfortable and light as its best competition. If the pricing was not comparatively more than the “average” carry bag it might almost be perfect.

Mizuno BR-D2 Carry Bag
  • Manual Open/Close Mini Stand Legs. Loop Velcro Patch to attach glove
  • Removable Mod Pouch with quick release clips. 2 x Grab Handles
  • Water-Resistant Coated Underbelly. Insulated Drink Pocket
  • Dual Shoulder Straps with 4 Points of Adjustment. Umbrella Holder
  • 4 way divider. 2 Full Length Dividers

TaylorMade Select ST Stand Bag

TaylorMade Select ST Stand Bag

TaylorMade’s Select ST Stand Bag came into our hands later in the season last year so did not make our reviews. In our first look into our new 2021/2022 golf bag options, it’s 64% ranking is just enough to secure a spot in our rankings. 

  • USD 190 RRSP
  • 5 lbs
  • 7-Way top dividers with multi-handles
  • Lightweight design for easy travel
  • 6 Pockets including Large apparel pocket and velour-lined valuables pocket
  • Extra-large ball pocket
  • Anti-split stand system
  • Matching rain hood included

The Select ST Stand Bag just did enough to separate itself from a very the pack of competitive economic bag alternatives. You’re getting a premium brand golf bag at a fair price. Even if it is not able to hold on to a podium position given the number of bags still to come to market this still is a bag that should meet most golfers demands.

TaylorMade Select ST Stand Bag
  • 7-Way top dividers with multi-handles
  • Lightweight design for easy travel
  • 6 Pockets including Large apparel pocket and velour-lined valuables pocket
  • Extra-large ball pocket
  • Anti-split stand system

Sun Mountain 2.5+ stand Bag

No products found.

Sun Mountain’s 2.5+ stand Bag floats above the rest. In the first round of bags, we reviewed for our 2021/2022 rankings lists here is the lightest. So, for those of you looking for a good golf bag that won’t weigh you down here it is. Its 2.9 lbs and 61.50% ranking score will be hard to be as the year goes on.

  • USD 230 RRSP
  • 2.9 lbs
  • 4 Dividers
  • 9.0” top
  • 6 Total pockets 
  • Velour-lined pocket
  • Valuables pocket
  • New accessory pocket
  • Ball pocket with two-way zippers
  • Beverage pouch
  • X-STRAP® Dual Strap System
  • Highly durable carbon fiber legs
  • Matching rainhood

Sun Mountain 2.5+ Stand Bag managed to get to the top of a rankings by dominating one feature category, being the lightest. It still delivers a solid set of other options and features that get it into consideration but its 2.9 lbs delivers the knockout blow

No products found.

RUTHNISSI Golf carry Stand Bag

RUTHNISSI Golf Stand Bag, Lightweight Golf Easy Carry Bag with Padded Strap,Durable Pitch n Putt Golf Bag, Practice Ranger Sunday Golf Bag for Men&Women

The RUTHNISSI Golf carry Stand Bag might be as close to the stereotypical carry bag one has in mind when they hear someone say “Sunday golf bag”. And in this case that is a great thing and is why it comes in as one of the top rated 2021/2022 carry bags at 61.25%.

We found it extremely amusing that the name “Treccani” sported on one of its pockets is also very well known in other circles within the golf bag manufacturing industry. Treccanimilano produces some of the most luxurious, handcrafted leather golf bags in the word. These can be found selling for 40k+. but on’t worry the RUTHNISSI Golf carry Stand Bagcomes in slightly less 🙂  

Key Features:

  • USD 70 RRSP
  • 2.42 lbs
  • 6-7 Club capacity
  • 3 Zipper pockets 
  • 1 Mesh pouch
  • Bottle holder
  • Velcro glove buckle
  • Easy release tempered stand legs
  • Built-in carry handle 

The RUTHNISSI Golf carry Stand Bag made it to the top of our rankings lists by doing exactly what most golfers want their Sunday golf bag to do. It just did it a little bit better and a lot cheaper than the rest. 

RUTHNISSI Golf carry Stand Bag
  • This golf stand carry bag has a gorgeous and stylish appearance, comes in at 2.42 pounds and can fit up to 6-7 clubs. The perfect bag for a evening Sunday round or at an executive course.
  • There are special pockets on the side/front for balls, divot tools, water bottle, cell phone,golf tops ,umbrella or whatever else.
  • The golf carry bag wiht a rubber foot pipe bracket can well prevent the scratch. it can stand steadily and balanced on the ground, but on the concrete floor, please press down the ball bag a little harder.
  • It comes with a built-in carry handle and strap for your convenience
  • Instead of having to bring a heavy golf bag out, your Gold Bag fits nicely into any trunk and is ideal for use at the driving range when you just want to bring 4-5 clubs to get some practice in. Your back and shoulders will thank you!