Best golf training stuff 2021/2022

Best golf training stuff 2021/2022

Our Best golf training stuff 2021/2022 rankings list is our best of for what is left. Sometimes we come across gear and gadgets that support your golf training initiatives but just don’t fit in any of our other golf training rankings lists. Or maybe it crosses over the lines and we feel it belongs in several. If that is the case you most likely would find it here.

This is the last rankings list we plan to publish as part of our golf training aid series. We have had a lot of fun putting together the framework that we plan to go with in the years ahead. In case you are wondering the other training sub-categories that we have created ranking lists for include:

We have been a little more flexible on the product release dates and our stated timeline. Since this is our first-time tackling golf training gear, we allowed some gear that would normally not be within the timeline still to be considered. We do prioritize the latest options but are open to including some gear that crosses the proposed timeline. In a year’s time we will push everything forward a year and be more restrictive.

Like all of our new ranking lists we limit our picks to our top 3. Since the list is dynamic it can evolve during the season as new products come to market. Those products that slide from the top can always be found in our best golf training aids 2021/2022 master ranking list. So, if you don’t find what you are looking for here take a look.

So, if you are looking for some adhoc items that might help out your practice sessions it is worth taking a look here. With golf gears constant evolution you never know what you might come across.

Strike Spray Golf Club Impact Spray

Strike Spray Golf Club Impact Spray - 3 Pack - Swing Impact Golf Training Aid, Golf's #1 Impact Spray for Club Face, Dries Quickly, Comes Off Easy, Instant Shot Feedback on Club Face

Off center contacts are a golfer’s nightmare. At best your distance will be compromised and valuable distance will be lost. The alternative is spraying your ball all over the course costing you position and strokes along the way. 

Strike Spray Golf Club Impact Spray will provide you with a cost effective and absolute solution. With little effort you are now able to receive clear feedback as to where you are making ball contact during your golf swing. You are no longer left guessing how much and where the ball is making contact with your club face. This importance cannot be overstated since there may be other factors at play dictating the ultimate direction your shots are travelling.

Strike Spray is extremely simple to use. Only a small amount of spray is required and in about 10 seconds you are ready to start swinging. Clear imprints are made at the point of impact and multiple swings can be made before the need for another application. When finished, just wipe your club clean with a damp towel.

We have not tried all the impact sprays on the market and to be honest we see no point. Strike Spray just works. There is nothing more you would need from an impact spray and the price is very fair for the quality of the product.

So, if you are looking for a training aid that does not require being plugged in or a dedicated budget yet gives you top feedback to improve your game give Strike Spray Golf Club Impact Spray a try.

Strike Spray Golf Club Impact Spray
  • Use the #1 Golf Training aid for impact location. Knowing where you hit the club face is so important, its the key to long and straight golf shots! Stop guessing! A great alternative to golf impact tape!
  • Dry's fast! Our Strike Spray Golf Club Spray formula drys very quickly so you can spend more time hitting golf balls. Far better then the residue left on by golf impact tape.
  • Our Golf Club Spray wipes off very easily. All you need is a towel to remove Strike Spray. Cleaning your club is very easy compared to other impact golf training aids.
  • Does not affect your Launch Monitor numbers! Strike spray will not affect the spin numbers or launch conditions when measuring your shots with a launch monitors. The best golf club spray to use!
  • Very bright and easy to see with all drivers. Strike Spray Golf Club Spray is very bright, you can see multiple strikes on all driver types, regardless of there color.