Best golf fitness rowing machine 2021/2022

Best golf fitness rowing machine 2021/2022

Our best golf fitness rowing machine 2021/2022 rankings is the continuation of our fitness series of articles.  As with our elliptical trainer rankings, through market analysis, trials and discussing with some fitness professionals we came up with our top options in rowers. Keep in mind that our rankings list are dynamic and limited to the top 3. This means that as the year progresses there may be changes in the rankings.

Our goal is simple, to help you find the tools you need to increase your golf fitness level. And in doing so translating better fitness into better results on the golf course. 

Both rowers and elliptical trainers give full body workouts that are optimal for your strength and cardio. While they do provide a total workout, they are not identical in the muscles targeted. As there tends to be more weight involved the rower offers more benefits for the musculature. Targeting large muscles such as glutes, core, back and arms also results in about a 15% greater calorie burn.

Analysing the core muscles involved in the golf swing you quickly see the benefits rowers can have. The glutes a.k.a. your butt, is responsible for hip external and internal rotation on the backswing and downswing as well as hip extension. Then think of the number of golfers, you know that have back troubles. Where the rower does trail the elliptical machine is the lack of stimulus to the chest and triceps. There are also increased benefits to be found with the elliptical’s emphasis on coordination.

We have been a little more lenient in the options open for consideration in our fitness 2021/2022 rankings. Being our first look into fitness equipment we did allow ourselves to look back a little further. All of our reviewed fitness equipment options for the period can be found in our Best Golf Fitness Equipment 2021/2022 master rankings list. Come this time next year we will push everything 1 year forward.

So, we will leave the intro at that and now focus on our favorite options in the rowing machine market.


Hydrow Connected Rowing Machine, Subscription Required

Of all the fitness equipment looked at in our trials and evaluations I must say for me the Hydrow Rowing Machine was my clear favorite. It was hard for me to understand if the Hydrow belonged in a professional gym, a home or a gallery. I understand the most important thing about a fitness machine is how it looks but the design and craftmanship are flawless.

I was previously more of a pro-elliptical kinda guy but I was won over and sold on the Hydrow almost instantly. While it is a premium priced rower if you would compare it to a commercial grade elliptical machines it still is a fraction of the cost and it will give you every bit the work out and durability and then some.

Like all rowers it provides a full-body workout including your legs, abs, arms, and back. All told it is said to be working 86% of your major muscle groups and if you give it a good workout you will feel it.

Unlike the other rowers, the Hydrow combines design-forward beauty with innovative technology. It really is in a league of its own. Its electromagnetic, computer-controlled drag system creates the ultra-smooth feel of being on the water. And here is the huge difference. The vast majority of fitness machines have not been able to bridge the gap between a piece of gear and the actual sporting experience. Instead, the Hydrow has.

Hydrow’s brilliant 22” touchscreen display and impressive front-facing speakers bring the river to your living room, captivating you from the moment you sit in its seat. Not only does Hydrow’s drag mechanism make it feel like the closest thing you will ever get to being on the water short of going and jumping in it, it is silently smooth. An industrial-grade webbed strap makes each stroke smooth and virtually silent.

Before giving it a try I was wondering if comfort would be an issue given its sleek design and my frame size. But that question was quickly answered within the first few strokes. With a 10-roller, ergonomically designed seat your back end will more than happy. For those longer sessions the precision cushioned seat gives you added comfort to get you through the ride. 

Some of the Hydrows features and characteristics include:

  • 86″L x 25″W x 47″H Dimension (25″W x 33″D x 86″H stored)
  • 145 lbs weight
  • Fits up to a 36” inseam height limit
  • 375 lbs User weight limit
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD screen
  • Bluetooth 5.0-enabled for heart-rate monitors and audio
  • Easy adjustment for correct foot placement
  • Ergonomic design low-stress grip
  • Bluetooth connection – WiFi (10mbps recommended),
  • Ethernet (optional) Wifi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac; Ethernet: 100mbps / RJ45
  • Dynamic and responsive computer-controlled resistance
  • 120-volt standard outlet; 60Hz; Power (Max): 210W, 2A;
  • Power (Avg): 35W (.54A) / Power (Idle): 5W (50mA)
  • Aluminum and steel frame with flat anthracite polymer body
  • Amplifier x2 channel, 3W, 8 ohms, front facing for immersive experience
  • 5-year structural frame warranty
  • 12-month Components, screen, & other electronics warranty

Let’s face the reality. When sport goes from being a game to hard work, discipline and motivation becomes a real challenge. Don’t believe me, go ask your local gym how many people from January memberships are still regulars come June. The Hydrow has addressed this issue better than maybe any other piece of fitness equipment we have seen. No, it will not do the workout for you but it will make the experience as close as you will come to immersing yourself in the actual sport as possible. The rest is still up to you.

Hydrow rowing machine by Hydro
  • LIVE OUTDOOR REALITY (LOR) ROWER: Meet Hydrow, the leading at-home connected rower that brings the on-water, outdoor experience of rowing directly to your home. Work 86% of the body’s major muscle groups for challenging workouts that are high-energy and low-impact.
  • REDEFINED ROWING EXPERIENCE: Hydrow uses patented technology to capture everything from the sights and sounds to the synchronicity and camaraderie you could otherwise only experience in a boat, resulting in a unique workout experience you won’t find anywhere else.
  • AN IMMERSIVE WORKOUT: The Hydrow features a 22” HD touchscreen and front-facing speakers. Our patented electromagnetic drag mechanism brings the feeling of being out on the water to the comfort of your home. The Hydrow can be stored upright, making it an easy fit for any home environment.
  • WORLD-CLASS ROWING INSTRUCTION: Hydrow workouts are led by world-class Athletes, including former and current Olympians, Paralympians and members of the US National team, resulting in expert guidance and unmatched motivation.
  • ROW FROM BEAUTIFUL LOCATIONS: Break out of the dark studio and enjoy workouts filmed on stunning waterways and scenic locations around the world: from Boston to Miami to London and beyond.
  • PAID MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED: $44/month Hydrow Membership is required to access live workouts and on-demand library containing over 3,000 pre-recorded workouts. Each membership includes unlimited user profiles, so every member of your household can enjoy Hydrow.