Best golf swing trainer 2021/2022

Best golf swing trainer 2021/2022

Our best golf swing trainer 2021/2022 rankings is dedicated to giving you the latest options dedicated to help improve your golf swing. For as long as I can remember there have been gimmicks and gadgets promising to cure all the ailments of the golf swing. Here we try to filter out those that are not worth your time or money and focus on those that actually help.

We would like to point out that there is no miracle cure promised here. Nothing will replace practice time and more importantly, good coaching. All of the gear and gadgets are best served as support mechanisms to help re-enforce the lessons learned from your pro.

With our best golf swing trainer article, we try to restrict those items that are directly involved with helping the mechanics and performance of your swing. We do not look at your work on the golf green here. If you are looking for improving your putting game then you can check out our Best golf putting aids 2021/2022 rankings. Similarly, we have a dedicated category for launch monitors for those considering simulator type gear to help their swing. 

We gave ourselves a little more latitude with the product launch timeline. Since this is our first-time reviewing swing aids, we allowed some gear that would normally not be within the timeline still to be considered. We do prioritize the latest options but are open to include some gear that crosses the proposed timeline. In a year’s time we will push everything forward a year and be more restrictive.

Like all of our new ranking lists we limit our picks to our top 3. Since the list is dynamic it can evolve during the season as new products come to market. Those products that slide from the top can always be found in our best golf training aids 2021/2022 master ranking list. So, if you don’t find what you are looking for here take a look.

Are you looking to correct issues and become more consistent with your swing? Looking to increase your swing speed? Or add some tools to help make your practice session more beneficial? Then take a look and maybe we have come across some gear that will help you out.

GFORCE Driver NXT-GEN 2022 Swing Trainer

GForce Driver Golf Swing Trainer - Used by Rory McIlroy, Named Golf Digest Editor’s Choice “Best Swing Trainer 2023” Super Flexible Shaft Training Aid, Tempo, Rhythm, Transition, Timing + USGA Legal

Sometimes you feel that there is little or no room for improvement in a product. Then all of the sudden you are caught off guard when the new release still leaps forward. This is exactly the feeling I got when I gave the GFORCE Driver NXT-GEN 2022 a try.

Reinvented for 2022, the GForce Driver develops explosive speed training for golfers who want to hit the ball longer and straighter than ever before. The new iteration further reduces the weight of the shaft allowing for easy calibration back to your regular playing club. This feedback is crucial to develop the muscle memory needed to self-correct your swing inefficiencies. Or if you prefer the manufacturers words “Quickly detect swing flaws and iron them out eliminating destructive swing thoughts and turn them into feelings.”

Some specific features and benefits include:

  • New Lighter Shaft For Improved Speed Training 
  • Smoother Transition & Improved Release
  • Develops Ideal Rhythm, Tempo & Timing  
  • Provides Instant Feedback From Ball Flight & Feeling
  • Eliminates Swing Thoughts & Replaces With Feelings
  • Develops Speed and Distance with less exertion 
  • Distance gain of 20+ Yards reported
  • Develops Instinct for Loading & Unloading For Maximum Energy Transfer & Release 
  • Detect Swing Faults So You Can Correct Them On Your Own 
  • FREE Online Golf Training, Instruction & Drills + New VR-3D in 2022
  • Standard Weight Head / Length 45.5 inch / Loft 10° / Midsize Grip 

What many golfers confuse is strength training and stroke training. Yes, there is a reason and a benefit to use a heavier swing aid to loosen up before playing. Equally so, strength training is a huge benefit in increasing your capacities, but it does not replace technique, it complements it. And this is why the GFORCE Driver NXT-GEN 2022 is important.

GForce Swing Trainers have some very credible names in golf backing the product including Rory McIlroy and Minjee. So, if our words don’t hold merit then maybe their actions do. There are also new 2022 7-iron and wedge options coming to market that will help with you with your swing from the rest of the golf course.

The GFORCE Driver NXT-GEN 2022 really is a practice tool that can help you with your golf game in many ways. And the nice thing is it is much less a gadget or gimmick than so many game improvement products that come to market. You would do you golf game well by at least giving it a try.

GFORCE Driver NXT-GEN 2022 Golf Swing Trainer
  • HITTABLE ✔️ High performance forged titanium 10 degrees loft & 44.5” Length
  • TEMPO ✔️ The flexible GForce shaft improves swing tempo giving your swing Rhythm
  • TRANSITION ✔️ Feel the shaft load for the perfect transition preventing over the top swings
  • LAG ✔️ Feel and maintain lag into the downswing preventing casting improving sequencing
  • SPEED ✔️ Sequencing the downswing is the key to speed! Watch the training video to find out more!!
  • Free PGA Training Videos On YouTube ✔️

TheSolarSweetspot GOLFTOOL sg3000

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The fact is that the majority of golfers do not have home simulators or even the logistics available at home to have a net and ball striking installation set-up. We have circumvented this problem for our putting training with the putting mat. But what is the best way to get our swings in? The golf swing groover.

We have analyzed, short listed and put many swing groovers to the test and have found none better than the TSSGOLF’s Sg3000. What instantly sets it apart is the use of a standard weight, real golf ball. Not only does this allow you to have a more authentic feel when making your strokes is allows you greatly increase your ability to measure your contact points. When used in conjunction with Golf Club Impact Spray the Sg3000 can give you instant feedback on your ball striking.

The Sg3000 despite its streamlined frame is extremely solid and its high tensile strength climbing rope is rated to withstand weights up too 330kg. The rubber stopper above the shaft prevents ball rotation and returns to its initial still position. This may seem trivial but it saves you time from messing about with getting the ball back into position so you can instead focus on your golf swing.

The Sg3000 features include:

  • Real golf ball for authentic impact feel.
  • No picking up the balls – ball comes back into its initial position in approximately 5 seconds
  • No distraction between practice shots
  • No need to bend over to tee the ball
  • Includes two balls/ropes – one for driver one for irons 
  • Includes impact-masking tape
  • Replacement balls available 
  • High tensile strength climbing rope (330kg)
  • Hand-made ball-rope fixture for max. durability

Do you struggle to get quality swings in when away from the course? Have you been limited to striking wiffle balls in the back yard? If so then you really should give the Sg3000 a look.

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