Best golf training aids 2021/2022

Best golf training aids 2021/2022

Our best golf training aids 2021/2022 ranking is our master list. It is the placeholder for all of our individual training gear reviews for the 2021/2022 period. Unlike the rankings list that have fed this article, here we are not limited to the top 3. So, this is our comprehensive list of all the training gear that we have had the opportunity to review.

We gave ourselves a little more latitude with the evaluation period since this is the first time we have reviewed training aids. While we still prioritise the latest options, we are open to include some gear that crosses the proposed timeline. However, in a years time, will push the analysis period forward a year and be more restrictive.

There are several sub-categories that are included in out training aids area. They are as follows:

Best golf putting mat 2021/2022

Our putting mat ranking is indented to give you our favorite mats to let you practice your putting with ease. Mats are less restrictive in terms or mobility, storage and space requirements

Best golf home putting green 2021/2022

Unlike our putting mats, the putting green is generally less flexible but can offer a more lifelike training. Depending on the demands putting greens can also be quite elaborate.

Best golf putting aids 2021/2022

Here our rankings take a look at the other gadgets in the realm of putting that can help you be more efficient on the green.

Best golf swing trainer 2021/2022

Our golf swing trainer is dedicated to gear items intended to improve your golf swing.

Best golf training stuff 2021/2022

Well for lack of a better word we decided to go with “stuff” 🙂 It is intended to represent items that just don’t quite feel right being somewhere else and deserve a place to be.

If you did not find what you were looking for in the above-mentioned sub-categories, this is a good place to take a look. As the year moves forward and we have the chance to review more gear there is a good chance that items have fallen from the above top 3 lists. All of those items will still appear here.

One last point that should be kept in mind. Since this is a master list, the gear in our best golf training aids 2021/2022 rankings is at times hard to rate against each other. Given the potential for huge differences in price and expectations across the sub-categories placing it in an order of merit would be futile. Nonetheless, all of the items here represent gear that we view favourably and believe would provide benefit to a golfer.

WELLPUTT 13ft Golf Putting Mat

WELLPUTT - Golf Putting Training Mat - 13ft Green

WELLPUTT has been developing putting training aids for better than the last decade. We were actually somewhat surprised just how many reputable references stand behind the product. In the end it is just a putting mat, isn’t it?? Once we actually started taking a closer look and giving it a try, we started to understand why.

The 13ft Mat is WELLPUTT’s original training mat and is proclaimed to be “the most scientifically accurate in reproducing real-life green conditions”. While we don’t know how to validate the statement, we also have come across no reason dispute it.

Everything that has gone into this mat is focused on training a player’s ability to master their accuracy and speed control. The mat itself has a lot of clever and intuitive features built into it including:

  • Alignment line for squaring the putter face and body
  • Alignment Line on the mat to train accuracy
  • Markings for putter head stroke control
  • Optical marker to help train putting stance positioning
  • 2 play directions 
  • 10 & 11.5 stimp speed

While other mats may have similar concepts and markings included into their product line few have taken it to this next level. Wellputt has developed a supporting App (iOS & android) to help you not only help you practice but maximize the enjoyment while doing it. With more than 50 exercises, 3 challenging courses and score cards they have helped practice time feel more like fun time.

If you are looking for a top end training mat this is definitely worth your time to take a closer look.

WELLPUTT 13ft Golf Putting Mat
  • Professional 13 x 1.64ft putting training mat developed to accurately replicate a medium-to-fast-green. Approved by Cameron McCormick, coach of Jordan Spieth, Daniel Berger and So Yeon Ryu
  • Multiple visual aids for body and putter alignment, stroke amplitude and eye positioning providing muscle memory and mental mapping solutions
  • Two rolling speeds according to the play direction. First direction to practice accuracy (stimp speed 11.5ft) and second direction to refine distance control (stimp speed 10ft)
  • 54 exercises on 3 different levels included on the Wellputt app (iOS and Android) and on the training book
  • Lifetime guarantee. UV resistant. Easy to clean, easy to store

Fiberbuilt Putting Green

Fiberbuilt Indoor & Outdoor Golf Putting Green

Fiberbuilt Indoor & Outdoor Golf Putting Green’s provides golfers a great alternative for a versatile home putting solution. There are various size options available all delivering commercial-grade solutions at favorable price quality ratios. 

They are graded for both indoor and outdoor use. If you are considering the Fiberbuilt putting green for outdoor options you should keep in mind they are best suited for firm, flat surfaces such as concrete & asphalt pads, wood decks or patio stones. Virtually all indoor surfaces are suitable but some may want to use 2-way carpet tape if used on carpeted surfaces.

These are no gimmicks putting greens. They are a premium constructed putting surface that sits on a rubber foundation. Fiberbuilt putting greens deliver true, natural roll with a superior feel underfoot. These really are best suited in our opinion for a golfer who is looking for a serious putting training option. While they are “movable” we see them more of an option for those with a dedicate space, especially for the larger sized options given the weight.

The metal cups are a nice touch and not only provide accurate targets and authentic sound, but differentiate Fiberbuilt putting greens from many of its competitors.  Aesthetically it really is a great looking practice putting surface. It trades in the “fun” look and instead has the look and feel of a serious piece of equipment.

  • 6’ wide by 12’ long putting green (other sizes available)
  • Realistic feel underfoot and true green conditions for accurate practice
  • Comes with 3 metal putting cups for visual targets and authentic sound
  • Turf delivers realistic check and roll on chips
  • Runs at a stimpmeter speed of 9
  • Installs evenly and quickly with no landscaping skills or tools required
  • Includes: Putting turf with 3 hole cutouts, 3 metal cups, and our exclusive tool-free modular rubber foundation with easy-lock fasteners
  • 1- year warranty against manufacturers defects. 

Just to give you an idea of the level of quality and care that goes into Fiberbuilt’s Proprietary Grass mats, they have been engineered to withstand more than 300,000 shots on the exact same spot. While it is not as relevant for a putting mat given the nature of the impact it does show you the commitment to quality products the company is manufacturing.

If you are looking for a serious home putting green while still not going all out for an outdoor permanent putting green this is a great option worth considering.

Fiberbuilt Putting Green
  • PREMIUM PUTTING SURFACE: Realistic feel underfoot and true green conditions for accurate practice; true roll with metal cups for visual targets and authentic sound
  • IMPROVE SHORT GAME: Turf delivers realistic roll, running at a stimpmeter speed of 9; commercial grade turf provides true roll for putts
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Great gift for the home or office; add to any man cave indoors or set up outdoors with other backyard games to compete with your friends
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Installs easily and quickly with no landscaping skills or tools required; the heavy-duty rubber base uses easy-lock connections for stability and fast setup
  • INCLUDES: 6' x 12' putting mat with 3 hole cutouts, 3 metal cups, and heavy-duty modular rubber foundation; grass turf will not fold or crease when rolled up

Pro Putt Systems Golf Backyard Putting Green 

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If you are looking for the best backyard putting green then the Pro Putt Systems DYI Backyard Green is the as far as we are concerned the first and last place you need to look. A friend of mine has installed their green as part of his backyard practice set up a little more than 3-years ago and it looks and plays as well as it did day 1. 

When you consider the qualifications of their many customers it should be enough said. Some of the many include:

  • PING 
  • Odyssey 
  • USGA
  • USC
  • Princeton
  • Virginia Tech
  • Colin Montgomerie
  • Titleist 

There are many other carpets on the market advertised for use in DYI projects but there just is no comparison. It is like comparing a mini golf green to the greens on your golf course. This turf offers the very best roll and the very best reaction to short game practice shots we have seen. 

As far as complexity of the installation it is actually not. My friend is definitely not a handy man and he managed to have it sorted out in the better part of a day. Some preperation of the soil by adding 2 inches of fine gravel and ready to build. The Backyard Putting Green comes pre-cut and labeled for easy installation. The Ultrabase panels contour perfectly to the underlying surface so you can create breaks to ans contours in your green. To summarise, NO LANDSCAPING REQUIRED! :)

Custom green sizes can be sourced directly from the manufacturer when needed. Otherwise, there are 3 standard size configurations to align with your demands.

As mentioned, this is a top quality and durable product. The turf can withstand heat of up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit and can withstand incredibly low temperatures through multiple winters. It plays and rolls like natural bent grass with speeds running in the mid to high 10’s on a USGA Stimp Meter. For those who like to shop local, it is made in the USA and comes with a 10-year turf warranty.

Included in the DIY Backyard Putting Green Kit:

  • Precut Ultrabase Panels
  • Precut Putting Turf
  • Precut Fringe Turf
  • Geo Textile Fabric
  • Putting Cups & Pins

This is not a new product and we may break our rules next year when we move our rankings forward a year since there really is not another DYI backyard solution that can compete with the Pro Putt Systems Golf Backyard Putting Green.

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GFORCE Driver NXT-GEN 2022 Swing Trainer

GForce Driver Golf Swing Trainer - Used by Rory McIlroy, Named Golf Digest Editor’s Choice “Best Swing Trainer 2023” Super Flexible Shaft Training Aid, Tempo, Rhythm, Transition, Timing + USGA Legal

Sometimes you feel that there is little or no room for improvement in a product. Then all of the sudden you are caught off guard when the new release still leaps forward. This is exactly the feeling I got when I gave the GFORCE Driver NXT-GEN 2022 a try.

Reinvented for 2022, the GForce Driver develops explosive speed training for golfers who want to hit the ball longer and straighter than ever before. The new iteration further reduces the weight of the shaft allowing for easy calibration back to your regular playing club. This feedback is crucial to develop the muscle memory needed to self-correct your swing inefficiencies. Or if you prefer the manufacturers words “Quickly detect swing flaws and iron them out eliminating destructive swing thoughts and turn them into feelings.”

Some specific features and benefits include:

  • New Lighter Shaft For Improved Speed Training 
  • Smoother Transition & Improved Release
  • Develops Ideal Rhythm, Tempo & Timing  
  • Provides Instant Feedback From Ball Flight & Feeling
  • Eliminates Swing Thoughts & Replaces With Feelings
  • Develops Speed and Distance with less exertion 
  • Distance gain of 20+ Yards reported
  • Develops Instinct for Loading & Unloading For Maximum Energy Transfer & Release 
  • Detect Swing Faults So You Can Correct Them On Your Own 
  • FREE Online Golf Training, Instruction & Drills + New VR-3D in 2022
  • Standard Weight Head / Length 45.5 inch / Loft 10° / Midsize Grip 

What many golfers confuse is strength training and stroke training. Yes, there is a reason and a benefit to use a heavier swing aid to loosen up before playing. Equally so, strength training is a huge benefit in increasing your capacities, but it does not replace technique, it complements it. And this is why the GFORCE Driver NXT-GEN 2022 is important.

GForce Swing Trainers have some very credible names in golf backing the product including Rory McIlroy and Minjee. So, if our words don’t hold merit then maybe their actions do. There are also new 2022 7-iron and wedge options coming to market that will help with you with your swing from the rest of the golf course.

The GFORCE Driver NXT-GEN 2022 really is a practice tool that can help you with your golf game in many ways. And the nice thing is it is much less a gadget or gimmick than so many game improvement products that come to market. You would do you golf game well by at least giving it a try.

GFORCE Driver NXT-GEN 2022 Golf Swing Trainer
  • HITTABLE ✔️ High performance forged titanium 10 degrees loft & 44.5” Length
  • TEMPO ✔️ The flexible GForce shaft improves swing tempo giving your swing Rhythm
  • TRANSITION ✔️ Feel the shaft load for the perfect transition preventing over the top swings
  • LAG ✔️ Feel and maintain lag into the downswing preventing casting improving sequencing
  • SPEED ✔️ Sequencing the downswing is the key to speed! Watch the training video to find out more!!
  • Free PGA Training Videos On YouTube ✔️

PuttOut Large Putting Mat

PuttOUT Large Putting Mat (12ft x 2.2ft)

PuttOut has been making quality putting training aids for some years now. They offer a line of handy devices designed to help you strengthen your putting stroke and efficiency on the green. And their golf putting mat are front and center of their product lines.

There are several sizing options to choose from depending on your demands and space constraints. We have gone with the large putting mat since the space is available. Additionally, all of the mats are rollable and come with carry case so there is no need to leave them lying around when not in use. The large mat is 12 x 2.2 ft so there is a lot of run way to practice your putting stroke.

With five independent targets and a selection of alignment lines and foot markings, the Large Putting Mat is more than a simple back-and-forth, it’s a full practice area for you to vary and change up your routine every time you roll it out.

Measuring 10 on the stimp meter, the PuttOut putting mat rates as a medium to fast green. I personally prefer practicing on surfaces on the faster side of the meter since it really emphasizes mistakes in the putting stroke. PuttOut’s golf putting mat is crease-free so it will roll true and let you concentrate on your stroke not the lie of the land.

PuttOut Large Golf Putting Mat
  • Practice Variety - With five independent targets and a selection of alignment lines and foot markings, the Large Putting Mat is more than a simple back-and-forth, it's a full practice area for you to vary and change up your routine every time you roll it out.
  • Green Speed - Reading 10 on the stimp metre, the PuttOUT Putting Mat means you’ll be practicing on a medium-to-fast paced green away from the course, ready to take on any speeds throughout the season.
  • Usability – Designed for a range of different putting drills. Pace putting, multiple targets, straight shooting and alignment markings. Also comes with a handy drawstring bag for easy transport so you can take your golf practice to where it needs to be..Included components: 1 x PuttOUT Large Golf Putting Mat
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

TheSolarSweetspot GOLFTOOL sg3000

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The fact is that the majority of golfers do not have home simulators or even the logistics available at home to have a net and ball striking installation set-up. We have circumvented this problem for our putting training with the putting mat. But what is the best way to get our swings in? The golf swing groover.

We have analyzed, short listed and put many swing groovers to the test and have found none better than the TSSGOLF’s Sg3000. What instantly sets it apart is the use of a standard weight, real golf ball. Not only does this allow you to have a more authentic feel when making your strokes is allows you greatly increase your ability to measure your contact points. When used in conjunction with Golf Club Impact Spray the Sg3000 can give you instant feedback on your ball striking.

The Sg3000 despite its streamlined frame is extremely solid and its high tensile strength climbing rope is rated to withstand weights up too 330kg. The rubber stopper above the shaft prevents ball rotation and returns to its initial still position. This may seem trivial but it saves you time from messing about with getting the ball back into position so you can instead focus on your golf swing.

The Sg3000 features include:

  • Real golf ball for authentic impact feel.
  • No picking up the balls – ball comes back into its initial position in approximately 5 seconds
  • No distraction between practice shots
  • No need to bend over to tee the ball
  • Includes two balls/ropes – one for driver one for irons 
  • Includes impact-masking tape
  • Replacement balls available 
  • High tensile strength climbing rope (330kg)
  • Hand-made ball-rope fixture for max. durability

Do you struggle to get quality swings in when away from the course? Have you been limited to striking wiffle balls in the back yard? If so then you really should give the Sg3000 a look.

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Pro Path Putting Mirror

Maximize Your Golf Game: Pro Path Putting Mirror - Portable Training Aid - Perfect Swing Alignment Every Time - Enhance Indoor/Outdoor Golf Practice - Essential Golfing Equipment & Accessories

When we decided to create a ranking list for putting aids one of the first products types, we thought to consider was putting mirrors. There are numerous available on the market but the one we felt stood above the rest is the Pro Path Putting Mirror.

The great thing about a putting mirror is that it is an inexpensive and portable way to help you practice your putting stroke. The Pro Path Putting Mirror, with its intuitive design, delivers more features and signalling than most allowing you to master: 

  • Putting Stroke Distance Control
  • Posture and Mechanics 
  • Eye alignment
  • Path alignment
  • Symmetrical for left and right-handed golfers

As mentioned, there are many mirrors on the market. Having said, you will struggle to find another that provides you more tools to measure and practice all of the above key aspects needed for consistency on the green. So if you need a point of reference to compare all of the options on the market, here it is. Our suggestion is that you first take a look at the Pro Path Putting Mirror and then see how the others measure up.

Pro Path Putting Mirror
  • SAY GOODBYE TO 3 PUTTS: Tired of the dreaded 3 putt? Ready to bring down your average putts per round? Transform your golf game with our Pro Path Golf Putting Mirror from Back 2 Basics Golf! This putting alignment aid refines your posture and mechanics, enhancing your control and precision.
  • EXPERIENCE IMPROVED STROKES: Designed by PGA professionals Richard Woodhouse and Grant Field, our putting arc training aid showcases a uniquely curved, patented putting mirror that mirrors a 15-degree natural arc, offering immediate feedback with every stroke. Our alignment guide fosters consistency in your swing and posture for better control and accuracy.
  • FOR GOLFERS OF ALL LEVELS: Whether you're just starting, a golf enthusiast, or a seasoned pro, our two-sided design benefits both right-handed and left-handed golfers. These golf alignment aids make the perfect gift for any golfer in your life, helping them shave strokes off their game.
  • PRACTICE ANYWHERE: Our product comes with a premium microfiber carrying pouch, ensuring this portable golf swing mirror's protection. Hone your putt at home, at the office, or on the greens. This travel and storage bag doubles as a cleaning cloth, ensuring our durable golf putting trainer is always ready for the next swing.
  • BACK 2 BASICS GOLF WARRANTY: We're passionate about helping golfers at all skill levels excel. Our golf putting aid is designed to elevate the game of beginners and pros alike. Should you not be satisfied with our golf putters for any reason, we offer a 100% refund guarantee. No questions asked. Master your game with Back 2 Basics Golf!

PuttOUT Premium Pressure Putt Trainer

PuttOUT Premium Pressure Putt Trainer - Perfect Your Golf Putting

There are many knock off’s as well as other golf hole gadgets available on the market. But if you are looking for a quality putting target then the PuttOUT Premium Pressure Putt Trainer may be exactly what you are looking for.

Great for integration with you putting mats, the Premium Pressure Putt Trainer has been designed to restrict only balls with perfect line and pace to stick to the micro-target. We often hear golf pro’s talk about putting to the back of the hole and this is exactly the technique that is being put to the test. Any ball that would not roll to 18-inches past the hole with the correct line is returned to the player via the scientifically shaped parabolic ramp.

The ramp also has three smaller dot targets. They are very useful for your alignment during practice sessions with slight breaks on the putting surface. Given its reasonable pricing there is no reason to compromise on a lesser product. This really is a top-quality little gadget that will really increase the value and enjoyment of your practice sessions. 

Strike Spray Golf Club Impact Spray

Strike Spray Golf Club Impact Spray - 3 Pack - Swing Impact Golf Training Aid, Golf's #1 Impact Spray for Club Face, Dries Quickly, Comes Off Easy, Instant Shot Feedback on Club Face

Off center contacts are a golfer’s nightmare. At best your distance will be compromised and valuable distance will be lost. The alternative is spraying your ball all over the course costing you position and strokes along the way. 

Strike Spray Golf Club Impact Spray will provide you with a cost effective and absolute solution. With little effort you are now able to receive clear feedback as to where you are making ball contact during your golf swing. You are no longer left guessing how much and where the ball is making contact with your club face. This importance cannot be overstated since there may be other factors at play dictating the ultimate direction your shots are travelling.

Strike Spray is extremely simple to use. Only a small amount of spray is required and in about 10 seconds you are ready to start swinging. Clear imprints are made at the point of impact and multiple swings can be made before the need for another application. When finished, just wipe your club clean with a damp towel.

We have not tried all the impact sprays on the market and to be honest we see no point. Strike Spray just works. There is nothing more you would need from an impact spray and the price is very fair for the quality of the product.

So, if you are looking for a training aid that does not require being plugged in or a dedicated budget yet gives you top feedback to improve your game give Strike Spray Golf Club Impact Spray a try.

Strike Spray Golf Club Impact Spray
  • Use the #1 Golf Training aid for impact location. Knowing where you hit the club face is so important, its the key to long and straight golf shots! Stop guessing! A great alternative to golf impact tape!
  • Dry's fast! Our Strike Spray Golf Club Spray formula drys very quickly so you can spend more time hitting golf balls. Far better then the residue left on by golf impact tape.
  • Our Golf Club Spray wipes off very easily. All you need is a towel to remove Strike Spray. Cleaning your club is very easy compared to other impact golf training aids.
  • Does not affect your Launch Monitor numbers! Strike spray will not affect the spin numbers or launch conditions when measuring your shots with a launch monitors. The best golf club spray to use!
  • Very bright and easy to see with all drivers. Strike Spray Golf Club Spray is very bright, you can see multiple strikes on all driver types, regardless of there color.