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Trying to navigate the endless option when considering what new golf irons and wedges to buy can be a trying task. Maybe the decision between a forged or cast iron club head might be straight forward for you depending on where your game is at. But the options keep on coming.


Forged? Cavity back? Hybrids? are more choices that will need to be resolved and you are still left to decide the types of shafts to optimise the clubs performance in relation to your swing. Then just when you thought you had things finally sorted out you need to decide how many clubs to include in your set.


Ooopppsss you’re not done yet! you forgot the wedges. What might have been a little easier decision some years ago got a whole lot tougher since many manufacturers are producing multiple iterations of the wedge with a full range of lofts to decide between.


Today’s golfer is left with at times overwhelming choices. When you consider the majority of the irons manufacturers in the market today produce multiple product lines covering and crossing over all the aforementioned categories you quickly see just how many choices are out there to choose from.


We would like to simplify things for you. To help you out we will take a look at the new golf irons and wedges coming to market. We will try to brake them down and evaluate what golfers may realise the greatest benefit when using them. For the 2021/2022 season have launched the following articles to help track the movements on the marketplace:


When new golf irons and wedges come to market and we get our hands on them we will slot them in to where we feel they belong.