Best golf fitness equipment 2021/2022

Best golf fitness equipment 2021/2022

Our best golf fitness equipment 2021/2022 rankings is dedicated to helping you find the equipment needed to increase your fitness level to best support your golf game. The fact is there is a huge range in effort and exercise output that different amateur golfers expend. Those golfers who drive themselves around the course in a buggy may even have a negative output on the day. Those extra rounds on the terrace instead of the course will catch up all of us quickly.

For those golfers, it is even more important to dedicate the time and efforts away from the course to get their fitness levels up. This is not limited to just improving swing speeds but maximizing the overall enjoyment of golf as well as day-to-day life. Much has been made of Dechambeau’s transformation and rightfully so. And while the average golfer’s goals should not be to realise such a transformation reaching a general level of conditioning should be.

There are many ways in which swing speed is generated. I have seen my fair share of undersized golfers pound drives much further than their stature suggests. Coordination, balance and technique will get you a long way. But a strong foundation in both strength and conditioning will facilitate taking your game to the next level. For those who have climbed a long steep fairway and addressed their ball with their heart still pounding understand.

Personally, during my off season, I do head to the gym more often than doing home workouts. I find motivation while being around others. It also gives me the chance to get out of the house and clear my mind. But once golf season kicks in I cannot justify being long hours on the course followed by additional hours away at the gym. This is why it is even more important to have some quality equipment at home to support you exercise regimen.

Our Best golf fitness equipment 2021/2022 will be where we track all of the fitness equipment we review. It is the culmination of all specific fitness equipment category rankings. So even if they fall from our top 3 limit they still can be found here. Since this is our first look into the golf fitness arena, we are a little more forgiving with ourselves. Normally we would limit our reviews to gear in the later part of 2021 but we are giving ourselves the flexibility to add top options from a little wider date range. Nonetheless next year around this time we will push everything a year forward.

The following are the specific sub-categories we will maintain in the fitness equipment area:

Hopefully we can help you out with the some ideas to facilitate your off season being beneficial not only for your golf swing but for your general well being.

Hydrow Rowing Machine

Hydrow Pro Rowing Machine with Immersive 22' HD Rotating Screen - Stows Upright | Live and On-Demand at-Home Workouts, Subscription Required

Of all the fitness equipment looked at in our trials and evaluations I must say for me the Hydrow Rowing Machine was my clear favorite. It was hard for me to understand if the Hydrow belonged in a professional gym, a home or a gallery. I understand the most important thing about a fitness machine is how it looks but the design and craftmanship are flawless.

I was previously more of a pro-elliptical kinda guy but I was won over and sold on the Hydrow almost instantly. While it is a premium priced rower if you would compare it to a commercial grade elliptical machines it still is a fraction of the cost and it will give you every bit the work out and durability and then some.

Like all rowers it provides a full-body workout including your legs, abs, arms, and back. All told it is said to be working 86% of your major muscle groups and if you give it a good workout you will feel it.

Unlike the other rowers, the Hydrow combines design-forward beauty with innovative technology. It really is in a league of its own. Its electromagnetic, computer-controlled drag system creates the ultra-smooth feel of being on the water. And here is the huge difference. The vast majority of fitness machines have not been able to bridge the gap between a piece of gear and the actual sporting experience. Instead, the Hydrow has.

Hydrow’s brilliant 22” touchscreen display and impressive front-facing speakers bring the river to your living room, captivating you from the moment you sit in its seat. Not only does Hydrow’s drag mechanism make it feel like the closest thing you will ever get to being on the water short of going and jumping in it, it is silently smooth. An industrial-grade webbed strap makes each stroke smooth and virtually silent.

Before giving it a try I was wondering if comfort would be an issue given its sleek design and my frame size. But that question was quickly answered within the first few strokes. With a 10-roller, ergonomically designed seat your back end will more than happy. For those longer sessions the precision cushioned seat gives you added comfort to get you through the ride. 

Some of the Hydrows features and characteristics include:

  • 86″L x 25″W x 47″H Dimension (25″W x 33″D x 86″H stored)
  • 145 lbs weight
  • Fits up to a 36” inseam height limit
  • 375 lbs User weight limit
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD screen
  • Bluetooth 5.0-enabled for heart-rate monitors and audio
  • Easy adjustment for correct foot placement
  • Ergonomic design low-stress grip
  • Bluetooth connection – WiFi (10mbps recommended),
  • Ethernet (optional) Wifi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac; Ethernet: 100mbps / RJ45
  • Dynamic and responsive computer-controlled resistance
  • 120-volt standard outlet; 60Hz; Power (Max): 210W, 2A;
  • Power (Avg): 35W (.54A) / Power (Idle): 5W (50mA)
  • Aluminum and steel frame with flat anthracite polymer body
  • Amplifier x2 channel, 3W, 8 ohms, front facing for immersive experience
  • 5-year structural frame warranty
  • 12-month Components, screen, & other electronics warranty

Let’s face the reality. When sport goes from being a game to hard work, discipline and motivation becomes a real challenge. Don’t believe me, go ask your local gym how many people from January memberships are still regulars come June. The Hydrow has addressed this issue better than maybe any other piece of fitness equipment we have seen. No, it will not do the workout for you but it will make the experience as close as you will come to immersing yourself in the actual sport as possible. The rest is still up to you.

Hydrow rowing machine by Hydro
  • HIGH-ENERGY & LOW IMPACT: Engage more than 86% of major muscle groups in full-body, low-impact workouts in under 20 minutes. The Hydrow Rowing Machine is a full-body workout machine that uses our patented electromagnetic drag technology to make every workout on this indoor rower feel like you are rowing on the water..Bluetooth / Connectivity : Bluetooth connection, WiFi (10mbps recommended), Ethernet (optional) Wifi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac; Ethernet: 100mbps / RJ45.
  • IMMERSIVE WORKOUTS: The Hydrow Rower features a 22" HD rotating touchscreen display and front-facing speakers that instantly takes you to Scandinavian fjords, the wilds of Alaska, and beyond. Your membership unlocks access to over 4,000 live and on-demand workouts with world-class Athletes, around the globe.
  • MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: Your $44/ month membership gives you full access to the entire Hydrow library for full-body workouts on your Hydrow Wave at-home rower and the Hydrow app. From rowing to strength training, mobility, yoga, pilates, and circuit-training. With unlimited profiles, saving individual access to stats and progress is easy.
  • EASILY STORED: This foldable rowing machine can be stored upright using our Upright Storage Kit (sold separately) and is the perfect at home workout equipment. Dimensions: 86” L x 25” W x 47” H Weight: 145 lbs; Weight Limit; up to 375 pounds.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: This foldable rowing machine is easy to assemble, although expert in-home assembly is also available for purchase (for an additional charge). Please note that this rower is heavy, and should be lifted or carried by more than one person.
  • COMPATIBILITY: The Hydrow Wave Rowing Machine is 5.0 Bluetooth-enabled, and is compatible with most Bluetooth headphones, hearing aids, speakers, and many ANT+ and Bluetooth heart rate monitors.

SportsArt G876 Eco Power

SportsArt G876 Eco Power Status Elliptical

The SportsArt G876 Eco Power is a commercial grade elliptical trainer. So, for those who are looking for more wallet friendly options this is not the best place to start. If instead you are looking for a high end, top performing elliptical trainer then this is one of the bests options on the market.

The fact is there is a huge difference in feel and performance that one gets when they step onto the machines at a good gym vs those that end up collecting dust in people’s basement. Of course, if you do not feel good with the equipment you are using it just adds to the excuses to not use it. The G876 Eco Power gotten rid of these excuses for you.

Already the performance and features are worthy of placement in any training facility. But when you add on SportsArt’s a mission to “focus on bringing to market beautiful, smart, innovative products and technologies that play a role in sustaining the health of the planet and the people”, it adds a whole other feel-good factor

These trainers are already the gear of choice in many top gyms and universities around the country so you should little doubt in their performance. If you do have doubts the 7-year frame and 5-year parts warranties almost guarantees that you have a machine that will wear you out before it does.

The G876 Elliptical delivers a low-impact, high-efficiency workout with features like:

  • ECO-POWR™ integrated inverter
  • Industry-leading 17-29 in adjustable stride length
  • Fingertip controls for easy on-the-fly adjustments
  • MyFlex™ plus pedal cushioning system
  • 3-Speed fan
  • Console toggle for quick resistance adjustment
  • Unique styling.
  • 7-year frame warranty
  • 5-year parts and wear items warranty
  • Full commercial warranty / no usage limit

To complementing the features the G876 Elliptical is equipped with an abundance of read outs and pre-set workout programs that enhance take the training experience to another level. They include:

Read Outs       

Heart Rate, Your Grid Wh, Target Grid Wh, Weight Loss Zone, Time, Distance, Resistance, Calories, Speed, Rpm, Mets, Cal/Hour, Instant Watts to Grid

Workout Programs     

Manual, Random, Interval, Plateau, Vari-Stride, Fitness Test, Weight Loss, Cardio, Custom HR

If you are looking to bring your gym experience a closer to home then SportsArt’s G876 Eco Power delivers. Not only do you get a premium grade elliptical trainer but an aesthetically pleasing object that will surely complement any home gym that it finds itself in.

SportsArt G876 Eco Power
  • - Unit Weight 407 lbs / 185 kg
  • - Dimensions 87.5 x 26.4 x 69 in / 222.2 x 67 x 175.6 cm
  • - Max User Weight 500 lb / 227.3 kg
  • - Stride Length 17-29 in / 45-73 cm
  • - Read Outs Heart Rate, Your Grid Wh, Target Grid Wh, Weight Loss Zone, Time, Distance, Resistance, Calories, Speed, Rpm, Mets, Cal/Hour, Instant Watts to Grid

Bowflex M8 Max Trainer

BowFlex Max Trainer M8

If you’re in the market for an A grade elliptical trainer that has been designed for the home that the Bowflex M8 is a great place to start. The self-proclaimed “gold standard, and the most dependable name in home fitness” has been making top line fitness equipment for your home for over 3 decades. So, with that track record they must be doing something right.

Of course, the advantage right out of the box is the price. While still significant, the M8 is thousands less than the commercial level machines. Despite the large price difference, it shares many of the strengths of these more expensive models. From my perspective one of the most telling characteristics that differentiates the commercial elliptical trainer vs. the home version is the stability of the machine. You know it as soon as you step on. 

The Bowflex M8 instead gives you that same sturdy feel while being in the comfort of your own home. You don’t feel like you are going to shake the machine apart or tip it over even while pushing yourself to the limits. 

We should mention that the M8 has recently been replaced with the M9. So, for those of you that prefer always having the latest iteration then you can check out the manufacturer’s website. Both machines are almost identical the biggest exception being the introduction of the 10-inch touch screen. But in my opinion not everything is an upgrade. For whatever reason the M9 does not include performance targeted programming. This intuitive feature learned from your workouts and adapted your training level and goals for you. 

The M8’s enhanced console with dual LCD display and a tablet holder was more than sufficient for my entertainment needs and prefer to maximize the features included in the machine to get the most out of my workouts. And the rest of the great Max Trainer features and specifications are all here including:

  • Compatible with Bowflex JRNY™ App1
  • Larger repositioned console
  • Magnetic media rack for tablet or smartphone
  • USB charging port
  • Bluetooth® heart rate compatible
  • Enhanced color scheme
  • 20 levels of resistance
  • Enhanced dual-mode LCD/LED screens
  • Unique burn rate display
  • Connectivity for up to 4 individual users
  • Multi-grip, dynamic handles
  • Heart rate monitor (integrated contact grips)
  • 47.9 x 30.8 x 65.2 compact dimensions
  • 300 lbs Max user weight 
  • 148 lbs assembled weight 
  • 3-Year frame and parts warranty

So, if you want a gym grade elliptical trainer but prefer not paying the going rate for one then the Bowflex M8 is a perfect compromise that won’t disappoint.

Bowflex M8 Max Trainer
  • MAGNETIC RESISTANCE: 16 levels of magnetic resistance.
  • DISPLAY: Interactive full color backlit display and magnetic media rack for tablet or smartphone.
  • HEART RATE: Bluetooth heart rate compatible and integrated contact grips.
  • 2-MONTH FREE TRIAL: Try our JRNY Mobile-Only Membership for 2 months, free.*
  • JRNY MOBILE-ONLY MEMBERSHIP: Workout at home or on the go with inspiring trainers, and just-for-you adaptive workouts, from your phone or tablet.*
  • EXPLORE THE WORLD: Travel through 200+ virtual courses at your own speed or experience them alongside your adaptive workouts.*