Best golf carry bags 2021/2022

Best golf carry bags 2021/2022

The best golf carry bags 2021/2022 ranking is our next set of reviews using the new enhanced scoring methodology. Carry bags, often also called Sunday bags, are generally used by golfers when heading to the driving range or when using less than a full set of clubs and walking the golf round.

We used the data collected during last year’s 200+ bag reviews to come up with a bias proof rating methodology. While the carry bag market is a smaller segment than for example carry bags there still are numerous options available. And plenty to be able to formulate the baselines we use for our comparative scoring methodology. We are now completely focused on the price-quality ratio the bag holds in comparison its alternatives on the market. 

To avoid repetition, we won’t go into great detail here on the calculation method. If you are interested in how the scores are derived then take a look at Best golf bags for 2021/2022 master ranking list where it is explained in more depth. There you can also see all of the golf bags we have reviewed across all sub-categories in 2021/2022.

Remember our new scoring methodology does not hand out 98%. It just is not possible.

There are always tradeoffs such as paying a high price for more features that create mathematical limitations on the number of points/percentiles each golf bag is able to obtain. What we can assure you is that whatever the score the bag, the top ranked bags will provide you with the best price-quality ratio.

As mentioned in last year’s reviews we collected a ton of data. The data specifically relevant for our baselines for carry bags was:

  • Average RRSP: $111.00
  • Average weight: 2.60 lbs
  • Average no. of pockets: 3.6

Under the new format, all of our 2021/2022 rankings lists are dynamic and limited to our top 3 choices. Here is no different. As new products come to market of course the list may change. If you check in from time to time you will see how the rankings evolve. 

Many golfers use a carry bag as their second golf bag. This being the case finding an equitable price-quality ratio may be even more imortant. Many might accept paying a little extra for their everyday bag, but less are likely to want too for their B option. If this is the case for you, then our new set of rankings may be exactly the right place for you to start looking.

Mizuno BR-D2 Carry Bag

Mizuno BR-D2 Golf Carry Bag | 4 Way Top Cuff | 2 Full Length Dividers | Dual Shoulder Straps | Manual Open/Close Mini Stand Legs | Detachable Mod Pouch

Mizuno’s BR-D2 Carry Bag is the second bag their new golf bag lineup to appear on one of our 2021/2022 rankings lists. And at the time of this review its 62.25% sits in the top position.

Don’t let the score fool you. Carry bags are generally limited by physical constraints restricting the number of features they manage to include. In the case of the BR-D2 Carry Bag, it actually is slightly larger and pushes the boundaries of being included in the Sunday bag category. This has given it some big advantages over its competition. Here we choose to reward innovation as opposed to punish straying from the norms.

Key Features:

  • USD 170 RRSP
  • 3.13 lbs
  • Manual Open/Close Mini Stand Legs
  • Water-Resistant Coated Underbelly
  • Removable Mod Pouch with quick release clips
  • Dual Shoulder Straps with 4 Points of Adjustment
  • Loop Velcro Patch to attach glove
  • Insulated Drink Pocket
  • 9 Total pockets
  • 2 x Grab Handles
  • Umbrella Holder
  • 4-Way Top Cuff
  • 2 Full Length Dividers

The Mizuno BR-D2 Carry Bag was able to achieve its top-rated status by pushing the limits of a carry bag to the edge without falling off it. By doing so it has packed itself with features and capabilities not found in most Sunday bags, such as a 14-club capacity, and yet remains as comfortable and light as its best competition. If the pricing was not comparatively more than the “average” carry bag it might almost be perfect.

Mizuno BR-D2 Carry Bag
  • Manual Open/Close Mini Stand Legs. Loop Velcro Patch to attach glove
  • Removable Mod Pouch with quick release clips. 2 x Grab Handles
  • Water-Resistant Coated Underbelly. Insulated Drink Pocket
  • Dual Shoulder Straps with 4 Points of Adjustment. Umbrella Holder
  • 4 way divider. 2 Full Length Dividers

RUTHNISSI Golf carry Stand Bag

RUTHNISSI Golf Stand Bag, Lightweight Golf Easy Carry Bag with Padded Strap,Durable Pitch n Putt Golf Bag, Practice Ranger Sunday Golf Bag for Men&Women

The RUTHNISSI Golf carry Stand Bag might be as close to the stereotypical carry bag one has in mind when they hear someone say “Sunday golf bag”. And in this case that is a great thing and is why it comes in as one of the top rated 2021/2022 carry bags at 61.25%.

We found it extremely amusing that the name “Treccani” sported on one of its pockets is also very well known in other circles within the golf bag manufacturing industry. Treccanimilano produces some of the most luxurious, handcrafted leather golf bags in the word. These can be found selling for 40k+. but on’t worry the RUTHNISSI Golf carry Stand Bagcomes in slightly less 🙂  

Key Features:

  • USD 70 RRSP
  • 2.42 lbs
  • 6-7 Club capacity
  • 3 Zipper pockets 
  • 1 Mesh pouch
  • Bottle holder
  • Velcro glove buckle
  • Easy release tempered stand legs
  • Built-in carry handle 

The RUTHNISSI Golf carry Stand Bag made it to the top of our rankings lists by doing exactly what most golfers want their Sunday golf bag to do. It just did it a little bit better and a lot cheaper than the rest. 

RUTHNISSI Golf carry Stand Bag
  • This golf stand carry bag has a gorgeous and stylish appearance, comes in at 2.42 pounds and can fit up to 6-7 clubs. The perfect bag for a evening Sunday round or at an executive course.
  • There are special pockets on the side/front for balls, divot tools, water bottle, cell phone,golf tops ,umbrella or whatever else.
  • The golf carry bag wiht a rubber foot pipe bracket can well prevent the scratch. it can stand steadily and balanced on the ground, but on the concrete floor, please press down the ball bag a little harder.
  • It comes with a built-in carry handle and strap for your convenience
  • Instead of having to bring a heavy golf bag out, your Gold Bag fits nicely into any trunk and is ideal for use at the driving range when you just want to bring 4-5 clubs to get some practice in. Your back and shoulders will thank you!