Best golf stand bag 2021/2022

Best golf stand bag 2021/2022

Our best golf stand bag 2021/2022 rankings is our first golf bag article using our new enhanced methodology. Using the data we collected during last years bag reviews as a statistical baseline we remove potential biases. This allows us to focus completely on the golf bags price-quality ratio. Now not only are we able to rank each golf bag but also tangibly hold it in comparison to its alternatives on the market.

Interested in knowing how are scores are calculated? Take a look at our best golf bags for 2021/2022 master ranking list. There you can find the methodology explained in more depth and also see all of the golf bags we have reviewed across all sub-categories in 2021/2022.

While compiling our best golf stand bag options for 2021/2022 we remained consistent with our new 2021/2022 ranking lists approach. We prioritised the gear that came to market in the latter part of 2021 and beyond. Since this is the first time we are transitioning to the new approach the timeline may be a little imperfect. What is for sure is these bags where not considered in last years golf bag rankings.

Remember our new scoring methodology does not hand out 98%. It just is not possible.

There are always tradeoffs which effect the balance of the equation. Paying an overly high price for more features may create mathematical limitation on the number of points/percentile the golf bag is able to obtain.

What we can assure you is that whatever the score the bag, the top ranked bags will provide you with the best price-quality ratio.

As mentioned, last year’s reviews generated a ton of data. The data specifically relevant for our 2021/2022 golf stand bags baseline is:

  • Average RRSP: $227.66
  • Average weight: 4.83 lbs
  • Average no. of pockets: 6.96
  • Average no. of colors: 5.15

This gives you a quick view on how your bag relates to the alternatives on the market. Keep in mind there are additional features and characteristics that are included in the final scoring and ranking. 

As with all of the 2021/2022 sub-category rankings lists, we will limit it to our top 3 positions. As new products come to market of course the list may change so you might want to check back in from time to time. What we do hope is that you will profit from our new methodology in finding the best golf bag that fits your needs.

Fastfold 7″ Stand bag Orbiter Rain Dry

Fastfold - Orbiter Golf Stand Bag

The Fastfold 7″ Stand bag Orbiter Rain Dry’s score of 73.5% places it amongst the very top golf bags across all golf bag segments that we have so far tested.

While many golfers may not be aware of the Fastfold brand it has seen rapid growth in the last years. Originating in the Netherlands, its name is becoming synonymous for high end products at very reasonable price points

Key Features:

  • USD 135 RRSP
  • 3.77 lbs Weight
  • 7.0” top
  • New ultralite top and bottom
  • 4 way divider
  • 3 pockets incl. 1 cooler pocket
  • Towel holder
  • Dualstrap
  • Rainhood
  • 5 Colors

The high ranking was realized by its extremely affordable price and favorable weight that both rated at the very top side of the market. In addition, it checked the boxes of the majority of features golfers are looking for. Our only negative, on what is otherwise an exceptional golf bag, is the limited number of pockets.

The FastFold Orbiter Stand Bag is actually part of Fastfolds’ 2021 line. We didn’t get our hands on it until later in the season so we are really looking forward to testing the 2022 additions when they come to market.

Fastfold 7″ Standbag Orbiter Rain Dry
  • The Fastfold Orbiter Stand Bag is a lightweight, extremely portable, waterproof stand bag for all your golfing needs
  • The Fastfold Orbiter Stand Bag has a NEW ultra-lite top and bottom featuring a dual strap design for carrying ease and maximum comfort
  • Furthermore, the Fastfold Orbiter Stand Bag features a 4-way divider to store your clubs and keep them dry with the included rain hood and waterproof construction
  • There are 3 pockets including a cooler pocket as well as a towel holder for storing any miscellaneous items you might need
  • Available in 5 stylish choices: Red/Blue, Blue/Yellow, Orange/Light Blue, Black/Beige, and Black/Silver

Mizuno BR-D3 Golf Stand Bag

Mizuno BR-D3 Golf Stand Bag | 4 Way Top Cuff | 2 Full Length Dividers | Dual Shoulder Straps | Full Length Stand Legs | Insulated Drink Pouch

Mizuno’s latest golf bag releases have been very impressive and maybe none more so than the BR-D3 Golf Stand Bag. It is well deserving of the 72% score it received.

Key Features:

  • USD 210 RRSP
  • 4.5 lbs
  • Dual Shoulder Straps with 4 Points of Adjustment
  • 2 x grab handles 
  • Fleece Lined Valuables Pocket with Waterproof Zipper
  • Metal Towel/Accessory Clip
  • Loop Velcro Patch to attach glove 
  • Insulated Drink Pocket
  • Removable Ball Pocket Panel
  • Umbrella Holder
  • Rainhood

The BR-D3 Golf Stand Bag was able to achieve its top-rated status by finding an incredible balance between performance and value. It checked most of the feature’s boxes and delivered well above average in all the key comparisons characteristics. When you add all of that to a very good looking and comfortable carry you get a winner on any rankings list.