Best cheap spiked golf shoes 2021/2022

Best cheap spiked golf shoes 2021/2022

Our best cheap spiked golf shoes 2021/2022 rankings will be where we will track our budget priced spiked golf shoes that come to market over the next 12 months or so. We have set our “budget” price range having a RRSP up to about USD 100.

Most golfers we have found put themselves in a standard/mid-priced golf shoe. But there is a growing number of golfers who are more than willing to cut costs and put their feet in a budget option.

Similar to the reasoning for choosing standard priced shoes, they see no point in investing in shoes used to dig balls out of the rough, sand or puddled soaked fairways. Except they take it a step further. I play regularly with a low handicap golfer who adamantly spends as little as possible in shoes. He has come to the conclusion that he has no interest in trying to keep shoes looking new. Nor does he care to worry about the waterproofing lasting, or the maintenance when he can put 4 pairs of shoes on his feet for the same price as I pay for one.

The other argument out there is that the majority of all golf shoes are manufactured overseas. The budget golf shoe option is no different and more often than one might think in very similar factories. There is for sure less brand awareness and bling with the budget option. But there are comfortable and decent performing options out there worth considering.

Why choose a spiked golf shoe? Those golfers who struggle with keeping their footwork in place can often benefit. Very often golfers with big swings can find themselves slipping out of the swing. This can result in pulling the golf ball or worse. Even walking down, a wet sloped fairway feels far safer having the extra traction. Rolling down the hill head over heels with your golf bag is not a nice way to start or finish the round.

Our new golf shoe rankings lists are dynamic and limited to our top 3. Meaning, the lists may grow and/or change throughout the next 12-month period depending on what new products come to market. We do track all of the shoes we review in our Best golf shoes for 2021/2022 rankings. So, if you don’t see what you are looking for here then you can always take a look.

For the golf shoes we are paying more attention to the products launched later in the year as the starting point for our consideration. We have noticed that several manufacturers tend to follow this lifecycle for their golf shoe lines so we will follow. Then come this time next year we will move everything forward to our 2022/2023 rankings.

So, if you are more concerned about looking inside your wallet than down at your feet then take a look at our best cheap spiked golf shoes 2021/2022 rankings.

Etonic Golf Stabilite 3.0

Etonic Golf Stabilite 3.0 Shoe

While Etonic may not garner the same brand recognition that the big players in the golf footwear market do they still have an interesting lineup of options well worth considering. We decided to give the Etonic Golf Stabilite 3.0 a try and were very happy we did.

If you are looking for an economic, lightweight golf shoe packed with traction than you may not need to look any further. It really does make me wonder why I am putting USD 300+ golf shoes on my feet when I could have almost 4 pairs of Stabilites for the same cost. Here you have a nice-looking pair of golf shoes available in 3 color schemes that work, and work well.

Sizing is no issue with both standard and wide options available as well as half sizes. We found the sizing to run pretty standard and our feet remained happy with no issues of discomfort to be found. Again, I am still wondering why spend more…. They breath well and your feet are not screaming to have them off your feet after a round of walking and carrying your bag, so what more do you want?

I don’t see any point for any type of golfer to turn their back on the Stabilite 3.0’s as a very viable option for your golf shoe of choice. But if you are a casual golfer, who is looking for something to throw on your feet on the odd occasion you find yourself on a golf course, these are for sure a winning choice.

Some words from the manufacturer….
  • Lace Support System
  • Heel Overlay For Increased Stability
  • Ether Foam Midsole For Cushioning And Support
  • Durable 2 color rubber outsole
  • Mesh Lining For Breathability
  • Ortholite Insoles
Etonic Golf Stabilite 3.0
  • Lace support system
  • Heel overlay for increased stability
  • Ether Foam midsole for cushioning and support
  • Mesh Lining for breathability
  • Ortholite insoles

XSJK Men’s Men’s golf shoes

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Sometimes we are not able to get ahold of gear via our normal channels so we go out on a limb and all chip and buy it for the fun of it. And yes, it usually is not for gear that has a big price tag next to it. And this was the case to get our hands on the XSJK Men’s Golf Shoes.

Since we have a couple of us wearing size 10’s we ordered a pair of spiked as well as a pair of XSJK spikeless shoes to give them a try. We did follow the recommendation to size up a half size due to our slightly wider feet. To be honest both of us had limited expectations given the budget price compared to the shoes that we normally wear but after a couple of rounds we where actually pleasantly surprised in the performance and wear on our feet.

The design of the shoes themselves is quite basic and for sure nothing that will turn and eye but the fact is they worked. Of course, with only a couple of rounds in them it is hard to put an accurate estimate of life expectancy but to be honest I would not care. I am not a golfer who even expects to get several years out of a higher priced golf shoe so here why should I reasonably expect more?

We both agreed that as far as recommendation we would tend to go with the spiked version. We felt that a golfer was more likely to want to turn over golf shoes that are used in wet and dirty conditions as opposed to dry ones. There is also a more competitive market for the non-spiked budget options so a larger variety of options are available. Also, as mentioned, these are not perhaps the trendiest golf shoes out there and people are less apt to care about looking at their feet in the rain and mud than in the sunshine. So, if you are not looking to spend a lot of money and still put something on your feet that work then XSJK Men’s Golf Shoes are a great option to consider.

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