Best sneakers for golf 2021/2022

Best sneakers for golf 2021/2022

Not so long ago writing a best sneakers for golf 2021/2022 ranking would have been unheard of. It would not have just been golf traditionalists rolling their eyes at you, it just did not fit the mould. Of course, you still see casual golfers wearing everyday sneakers on public courses we will avoid going down that road today.

Why the shift in what is generally acceptable? It is most likely primarily about golf having tried to break down some barriers to attract a greater audience. So yes, money. But maybe sometimes greed has its advantages too. To a lesser extent advances in materials, design and technology have also done their part. We are now able to produce sneakers that provide an acceptable level of performance needed to get around the course.

Since golf sneakers are a niche market all in-themselves our best sneakers for golf 2021/2022 rankings will not be further subdivided by price category. Thus, we will rate the most expensive against the least all in the same place. And keeping with our new format we will consider the golf sneakers that come to market over the next 12 months or so. 

Our new golf sneaker rankings list is likewise dynamic and limited to our top 3. Meaning, the lists may grow and/or change throughout the next 12-month period depending on what new products come to market. For those sneakers that slide from the top three they also can be found bundled in our Best golf shoes for 2021/2022 rankings. So, if you don’t see what you are looking for here then you can always take a look.

So why choose a golf sneaker? We actually asked random people on the course this question. The answer more often than not was the reluctance to fuss about changing footwear. They could go from car, to course, to clubhouse with little bother. With good weather-proofed options now available on the market this is now easier than ever. We still do recommend players who are playing in wetter conditions or with bigger swing speeds look for options with a little better grip. Still the majority of the golf sneakers on the market are not suitable for trying conditions.  

The next most popular answer we received was fashion. It seems that they just matched the look that these golfers were trying to emit. Of course, once we move past making a “typical” golf shoe we open the doors wide open for manufacturers to create more creative styled golf shoes/sneakers. So, if you are looking for a plug and play option that works well for a fun round of golf and a casual beverage on the 19ththen maybe our Best sneakers for golf 2021/2022 rankings can help you out.

ECCO Biom C4 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

ECCO Men's Biom C4 Gore-TEX Waterproof Golf Shoe, Black, 5-5.5

We looked at our core rankings list and wondered amongst ourselves where does the ECCO Biom C4 Gore-tex belong. It was not a question of somewhere but rather almost everywhere. Ultimately, we felt it best represented a golf sneaker, but be assured its performance is not in any way limited by the category.

The construct of the shoe adds maybe a little more flair than we are used to seeing from ECCO and it is very well received. When you can look good and feel good at the same time you have a winning combination, and the Biom C4 delivers. A super-soft, Gore-Tex surrounded upper, combined with Ecco’s Exhaust Grid technology makes this one of the most comfortable, breathable and ready-to-go golf shoes on the market. I should have taken a picture of my feet (you can thank me for not doing so), after a day one 36 hole walk my feet still remained intact and blister free. 

While they are not sized in a dual regular and wide saying options those of you with wider feet need not worry, the removable insole is specifically designed to be removed to allow more room without sacrificing any support and comfort.

The Biom C4, despite being spikeless, could easily have sneaked into our best golf shoes for the rain rankings. They keep your feet dry! And show a surprising amount of grip even in wet conditions. Now with all of this it is not surprising that the pricing pushes up into the premium category but if you are looking for a top-notch golf shoe then you will feel it is money well spent.

Available in a wide range of sizes and four really great color schemes no golfer will find it hard to find a pair of Biom C4’s that they are not thrilled to put on their feet.

ECCO Biom C4 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe
  • GORE-TEX SURROUND for 100% waterproof protection and 360-degree breathability
  • ECCO FLUIDFORM Direct Comfort Technology for cushioning, rebound and flexibility
  • BIOM NATURAL MOTION Technology brings you closer to the ground for stability and control
  • ECCO MTN GRIP has three different sections providing traction, stability and rotational support throughout the swing
  • ECCO Performance Leather from our own tanneries is combined with a new, super-stretchy mesh sock

TRUE linkswear – True OG Feel 

TRUE Linkswear OG Feel Men's Golf Shoes, Fully Breatheable Flexible Outsole for Ultimate On-Course Feel, Varsity White/Navy - Size 7.5

True Linkswear might not have the brand familiarity that many other top golf shoe manufacturers enjoy but they have a couple of models that really caught our attention, one of them being the True OG Feel.

A strong contender in our golf sneaker category, the True OG Feel combines stylish great looks with a lightweight high performing golf shoe. There are not many shoes on the market that have been able to get the look of the combined leather and mesh upper so right. The sole spikeless rubber sole does provide ample traction and stability so you should have no trouble staying in your swing.

They are classed as water repellent and they will keep your feet happy in a walk through a damp morning round but these are not wet weather golf shoes. For adverse rainy rounds there are other options better out there. Not to mention it would be a shame to get such a nice-looking shoe mudded up 

The True OG Feel is a standard price ranged golf shoe so it won’t break the bank. Both color schemes are better than the other and with sizes from 7-15 there is a pair for almost all feet. The fit was a regular fit but for those with wide feet we would suggest you hop up a half size for a better fit.

Some words from the manufacturer….
  • Fully breathable, one-piece sock-fit knit upper with DWR shell (durable water repellent)
  • Flexible outsole and upper for ultimate on-course feel
  • Zero-drop construction for optimal feel and power
  • Reusable shoe bag in lieu of the traditional box
  • Wide toe box accommodates up to 3E
  • Lightweight (10.9 oz)
  • Leather saddle and ORIGINAL lacing system for stable fit
  • Aggressive rubber tread for on-course traction and versatility
TRUE linkswear - True OG Feel
  • Fully breathable, one-piece sock-fit knit upper
  • Flexible outsole and upper for ultimate on-course feel
  • Zero-drop construction for optimal feel and power
  • Wide toe box accommodates up to 3E
  • Aggressive rubber tread for on-course traction and versatility

PUMA Rs-g Golf Shoe

Puma Men's Rs-G Golf Shoe, White Black/High-Rise, 7

The PUMA Rs-g Golf Shoe is modelled after the similarly named RS-X3 running shoe and falls definitely in our golf sneaker category. That being said they definitely offer more support and traction than one might expect from its looks. The Rs-g could easily be mistaken for a trendy upbeat pair of casual sneakers as opposed to a pair of footwear that held firm on some of our longest drives of the day.

Right from cardboard box to 1st tee these sneakers bounced along for 36 holes without foot issues or soreness. I think my feet actually outlasted my legs on the day. But do be advised that you do need to size up. While the manufacturer suggests a half size I would steer more towards a full size if you have any kind of wider foot.

Four color schemes are available spread across sizes 7 thru 14 (half sizes also available) so there are plenty of options to keep both your feet happy and you fashion statement intact. Other features of the PUMA Rs-g’s include:

  • Seam Sealed Upper
  • Reflective Tongue Tab
  • TPU Skin
  • Soft Foam Sockliner
  • FUSIONFOAM Midsole
  • GripZone Traction
  • Carbon Rubber Outsole

The waterproofing comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty so you need not worry about that morning dew putting a damper on your socks too soon. They come in with a RRSP in our standard pricing range for golf shoes so you are not having to spend any more than you would be for a decent pair of sneakers. 

We really felt that Rs-g hit the mark from not only performance but for why most look to put their feet in a pair of golf sneakers. This is why it is the first entry making our new sneakers ranking list, only time will tell if it will keep its spot.

PUMA Rs-g Golf Shoe
  • Seam Sealed Upper
  • Fusion Foam
  • Soft foam Sock liner
  • Grip zone Traction
  • Waterproof