5 Best golf shoes for the money

Best golf shoes for the money

Our hope in writing our best golf shoes for the money rankings is to give our readers who look to maximise their return on investment the best options available on the market to do so. 

We for sure are a little more price conscious when giving the options but it does not necessarily translate into the least expensive shoes out there. Instead, we are looking for the shoes that in the long run will not only be the best for your wallet but also will also keep your feet happy and your swing and footing under control.

Our 5 top picks

Our Choice
Adidas S2G Spikeless  Callaway Solana TRX Footjoy Flex XP Puma Puma Fusion EVO  UA Draw Sport Spikeless

MRSP 95-105 85-95 115-125 75-85 90-100
Colors 5 3 5 4 2
Sizes 7-15 7-16 7-15 7-17 8-12
Waterproof YES 2-Year 1-Year 1-Year RESISTENT
Spikes NO 7 NO NO NO
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Our Choice

Adidas S2G Spikeless – Best golf shoes for the money

Adidas S2G Spikeless golf shoes - best golf shoes for the money
  • Regular and Wide fit
  • Lace closure
  • Waterproof textile and microfiber upper
  • Lightweight and stable feel
  • Bounce midsole
  • V-shaped Traxion outsole with Adiwear
  • Sizes 7 – 15
  • User review rating 4.7/5

To kick off the best golf shoes for the money rankings we once again have an Adidas shoe that finds itself on the top.  We promise that we have no affiliation with Adidas and like to mix it up where we can to give our readers a look at some options that they may not be familiar with but it the S2G really does fit our subject matter perfectly.

What could be more suitable when discussing value for money than getting a golf shoe that you can not only wear on the golf course but off it as well. Just to keep it real these shoes are not the highest performance shoes out there but they are not meant to be. They are an extremely comfortable shoe that will provide you with all around good performance. 

The soft textile and microfiber upper provides good support for your feet and under normal conditions keeps a sturdy grip beneath you from swings start to finish. The waterproofing keeps your feet dry and comfy in wet conditions and was more than adequate when we played with wet early morning fairways and the occasional shower. We did not have the chance to give them a try in a monsoon like downpour but from my perspective this is not what the S2G was designed for.

Instead, the bounce cushioning does a great job at keeping your feet comfortable from the first hole to the 19th and more. These are not shoes that you feel you need to get off your feet at the end of the round before heading up to the terrace to talk about your adventures on the course. The five color options also plays well into the added versatility this shoe offers off the golf course. 

Just to make it clear in no way are we trying to diminish the importance of the Adidas SG2’s performance on the course. It is just to acknowledge not everyone swings a club at 125 mph or plays extreme all-weather golf everyday. Some of us can appreciate an afternoon of golf in a country club like setting with an apero and meal on the terrace afterword’s. And the Adidas S2G spikeless golf shoes can handle that and a whole lot more.

Adidas S2G ‘s key selling points:

  • This product is made with recycled content as part of our ambition to end plastic waste. 20% of pieces used to make the upper are made with minimum 50% recycled content
  • Lightweight Bounce cushioning provides enhanced comfort and flexibility.
  • Spikeless Adiwear Traxion outsole maximizes grip on the green and versatility off the course.

Our Runner Up – Best golf shoes for the money

Our runner up for the best golf shoes for the money is the Callaway Solana TRX. It is a little more “golfcentric” shoe than our top place shoe, the SG2, and is more adapted to handle adverse golfing conditions.

The seven Fast Twist 3.0 removable cleats do a good job in wet weather golf keeping the feet planted firmly bellow you allowing you to stay in your swing. The last thing a golfer wants to do in wet weather is spending extra time in the long grass looking for a ball they pulled off the fairway. The removable cleats are also easily changed without big efforts which is not always the case with some shoes.

The waterproofing on the Solana TRX is top notch and comes with a 2-year warrantee. Of our best golf shoes for the money, they are most likely the best wet weather shoe in our top five so if you are thinking to play in the rain it could be a good option for you to consider.

With a RRSP under a hundred dollars there is a lot of value to be found in TRX and with three color options and regular and wide fit options there is lots for your feet to choose from. 

Callaway Solana TRX 

Callaway Solana TRX - Best golf shoes for the money

  • Microfiber leather upper
  • 7 Spike dura-rubber outsole for maximum stability and control
  • Opti-soft™ EVA midsole for natural ground feel and comfort
  • 5mm PLUSfoam insole for increased comfort
  • Regular and wide fit options
  • Sizes 7 – 16
  • Opti-vent™ mesh liner for breathability and heat management
  • Opti-dri™ waterproof protection
  • 2 Year limited waterproof warranty
  • User Review Rating 4.5/5

Callaway Solana TRX ‘s key selling points:

You’ve probably heard the phrase “better than most” pertaining to a putt. We’re bringing that terminology to our Callaway Solana TRX lightweight, waterproof golf shoes, which are better than most. By adding Fast Twist 3.0 removable cleats, we help you get lower to the ground to improve your power and swing stability. Our Opti-Dri waterproof microfiber leather creates a barrier against inclement weather, Opti-Vent mesh liner manages heat by generating a breathable inside and Opti-Soft EVA midsole works with your foot’s arch to create a natural and comfortable walk.

Our other top picks – Best golf shoes for the money

Ranked 3rd

The next shoe on our best golf shoe for the money is the Footjoy Flex XP. Similar to the SG2 the Flex XP is a very versatile shoe that offers good performance on the course as well as off course possibilities. The biggest reason in the positioning of the two shoes in our rankings was the fact that we felt our top ranked shoe offered a little more traction and was enough to get it to the top.

Where we do feel the Flex XP has some advantages is the number of sizing options available. With narrow, medium, wide and extra wide sizing options it is almost impossible that you wont find the perfect fit for your feet. And for a shoe that is meant for comfort and versatility this is a huge plus. And if we are talking about a shoe that has a little flare for the terrace after the round the XP is a great looking shoe with 4 sharp trendy color options so you will be talking about your round in style.

The new version of the shoe has incorporated a waterproof upper that works well so there will be no reason for a after round shoe change even in wet conditions. So if you are looking for a great looking golf shoe that wont break the bank then give the Flex XP a look.

Footjoy Flex XP 

Footjoy Flex XP  - Best golf shoes for the money

  •  Knit Collar
  • Reinforced Heel
  • Narrow, Medium, Wide an Extra wide sizes
  • Sizes 7 – 15
  •  Spikeless Design
  • Waterproof Mesh
  • 1-year waterproof warranty
  • User Review Rating 4.3/5

Footjoy Flex XP’s key selling points:


Discover the athletic-infused styling of the all-new waterproof FJ Flex XP.


Lightweight performance mesh delivers incredible all-day comfort with exceptional breathability


The VersaTrax outsole is engineered with traction elements to create an outsole that is perfect for on course performance with wear-to-the-course versatility. Each traction zone maximizes traction during your swing and provides exceptional grip when walking the course.


A soft EVA midsole provides increased underfoot cushioning, enhanced comfort and exceptional stability.

Ranked 4th

Up next, position four, best golf shoes for the money, Puma Fusion EVO.

The Fusion EVO is another golf shoe focused on providing on and off course performance. So, what sets the EVO apart from the others on our rankings? If you would ask Puma they would tell you “it’s inappropriate comfort”. Our answer would instead add extreme comfort for extreme feet! Not only is there extra wide shoe options available Puma has extended the shoe sizing to size 17. I have never thought of being a person with small feet but that just takes it to another level.

So, if you’re a giant it is important for you (and the others standing around you) that you stay upright. The Webbing Support Strap provide a locked in fit and PWRSTRAP fit system help you do just that. For a multipurpose golf shoe the EVO provides better than expected support all while still being extremely comfortable.

The last point is that the Puma EVO leads our ranking list with the lowest RRSP so if you are looking to spend less it is worth taking a look.

PUMA Fusion EVO  

PUMA Fusion EVO - Best golf shoes for the money

  •  Engendered Mesh
  • Bootie Construction
  • TPU Heel Clip
  • Webbing Fit Strap
  • Size: 7-17
  • User Review Rating 4.7/5

PUMA Fusion EVO ‘s key selling points:

The next evolution in the FUSION family, delivering extreme comfort and stability in an athletic package. Available in the widest size range we’ve ever offered in medium and extra wide options.

The engendered mesh bootie construction upper wraps the foot comfortably while the lacing system is integrated with TPU Heel Clip and Webbing Support Strap provide a locked in fit. All new FUSION Foam tooling has fast lines making the shoe look athletic while the Fusion foam underneath the foot provides an ultra-plush ride. Whether you’re on the course or at a barbecue you will be ready to go.


Mix of super soft EVA foam and ultra-responsive rubber combine to provide unrivaled energy return and cushioning.


Advanced nylon webbing straps integrated with the lacing system wrap the foot to provide a secure, personalized fit.

Ranked 5th

The last entry on our best golf shoes for the money, the UA Draw Sport Spikeless, is the first from Under Armor to appear on our ranking lists this year. That being said Under Armor has had a significant presence in the golf industry in the last years producing quality products in apparel and footwear market segments at reasonable prices.

The UA Draw Sport Spikeless does not sway from the trend offering a quality light weight shoe at an affordable price. We felt that this shoe just does everything generally well and is an all-around performer. For example, the Draw Sport is weather “resistant” shoe that does not offer the same level of waterproofing that some of the other shoes on our list do. But will they keep your feet dry in a wet fairway morning? YES. 

While some of the other shoes offer more sizing options the Draw Sport do offer more than the average with regular, wide and extra wide options all available. So, if you are looking for an all arounder at an affordable price then these just may be the golf shoes for you.

UA Draw Sport Spikeless 

UA Draw Sport Spikeless - Best golf shoes for the money

  •  Breathable & durable microfiber leather upper
  • Never-Wet treatment to keep you cool & dry
  • Molded EVA footbed for step-in comfort
  • Charged Cushioning® midsole uses compression molded foam for ultimate responsiveness & durability
  • UA Rotational Resistance outsole for lightweight lockdown traction
  • Spikeless outsole for a lighter, more flexible feel
  • Uncompromise in traction
  • Average User Review Rating 4.3/5

UA Draw Sport Spikeless’s key selling points:

Spikeless golf shoes that keep your feet comfortable to keep you focused. The microfiber leather is light but durable, the Charged Cushioning® absorbs impact, and the Never-Wet treatment keeps you dry.

Microfiber Leather Upper

The shoes feature a light, durable and breathable microfiber leather upper for maximum performance. The upper is treated with Never-Wet which provides a water-resistant barrier to keep your feet dry during early morning golf rounds.

Charged Cushioning® Midsole

Charged Cushioning® provides the ultimate in durability and responsiveness. This lightweight EVA compression foam midsole will help to soak up pressure and will provide comfort as you perform. The shoes are also fitted with a moulded EVA footbed to provide increased comfort in every step.

UA Rotational Resistance Outsole

The spikeless outsole is designed for lightweight lockdown traction. It provides a more flexible feel without any compromise in traction. E Sized to fit golfers with wider feet.

This year I am tracking all the balls I find during my golf rounds to come up with this years winner of the OFF PIST GOLF BALL OF THE YEAR. If you would like to see if any of our recommendations strayed from the fairway come take a look.