Best full mallet putters 2021-2022

Best full mallet putters 2021-2022

Our Best full mallet putters 2021-2022 rankings list is dedicated for golfers who find bigger is better. This has translated into some manufacturers launching some very overstated putter head sizes. Being one of the core sub-category articles we limit the ranking to our top 3 options. We understand that our preferences may not always be identical to our readers. This is why we do track all of the top options we review in our Best golf putters 2021/2022 rankings list. 

Towards the end of each year, we will push the calendar forward a year so that we are always comparing gear over 2-year intervals. We have decided to go in this direction since manufacturers often do not update all of their product lines every year.

We do not limit or prioritize our rankings here based on price since we have other core putter rankings lists that take this into consideration. Also, if you wandered to the wrong place and you are looking for a blade or half mallet putter, we also have the linked rankings lists for those putter head shaped preferences as well.

Initially full mallet putters gained a lot of fanfare based on the fact that they enjoyed a higher MOI in comparison to blade putters. This has been somewhat lessened by the use of interchangeable weights in putters. Also, some golfers prefer the larger headline for alignment in comparison to the more streamlined blade putter. 

So, if you are looking for the super-sized putter options this is a good place to start. We hope that our season top 3 interactive ranking helps you find a putter that keeps your putts headed straight at the hole.

Evnroll ER11v Putter

Evnroll ER11v MOI Mallet Putter RH Short Slant 34 Gravity Black

We are actually way overdue with having an Evnroll putter appear on our ranking list. In no way was it about quality and merit but rather time and opportunity. So, when we finally got the chance to do so we jumped. I had personally never tried any of Enrolls putter offerings but one of our group has for the last couple of seasons and has no plans to change.

I decided to start with the ER11v putter since I have been doing some other putter trials with full mallet putters and was interested to see how it compared. The fact that I am here writing about the ER11v and not one of the other putters is a clue to how it faired in the comparison 

There is 0 doubt about how well balanced this putter is. It really is a great putter to draw back and let it go. I had already read the marketing and seen the videos about how forgiving the face of the putter is. For those who haven’t, Evnroll has introduced a “sweet face” technology that drastically reduces the dispersion and distance deviations for off center contacts. It actually was difficult to get a read on this since I actually struggled to hit off center contacts given how well it felt in my hands. What I can definitely say was the ER11v kept me around the cup all day. 

The deal clincher was the wide range of hosel options. Not so long ago the only way to get better at golf was to adapt your natural stroke tendencies to match the gear. Many golfers struggle to do so especially on the putting green where there is so much emphasis on subtle feel and where the margin of error is so high.

Now depending on your natural putting tendencies there is a hosel that fits your stroke. The short hosel options create more toe hang which slows down the face and helps those golfers who pull their putts. On the opposite end of the spectrum there are long hosel options for those golfers who tend to push the ball wide. All told there are 6 different options that will keep you aiming straight at the hole.      

When you have a putter that is able to compensate for inconsistent face contacts delivering uniform pace and direction across the putter face you have a winner. If you add the possibility for the putter to align with a golfers natural putting stroke you have a champion, and that is why Evnroll’s ER11v putter deserves its position amongst our best putters.

Cobra King 2021 3D Printed Putter

Cobra Golf 2021 King 3D Printed Putters

The first putter we decided to review for inclusion in our 2021/2022 dynamic rankings format are King Cobra’s 3D Printed golf putters. We always enjoy looking at gear that tries to do things in a different way or takes huge strides in innovation.  Of course, when you dare to stray from the norm you take much greater risks, and this time we think it paid off.

Available in 3 stunningly attractive head shapes the design it top notch. The look every bit as expensive as the price tag will say. But even if you are not liking the price there is a lot to love about these putters. 

Cobra has partnered with SIK Golf’ and to include their patented Descending Loft Technology (DLT) in the faces of all of the putters. This produces a consistent launch of 1.5 degrees for every type of stroke. So, ascending, neutral or descending attack angles yield consistent launch and trajectories. This alone makes a golfer with an inconsistent putting stroke a little more consistent.

The lie angles across the series are all pegged at 70 degrees and the total head weight varies slightly on all 3 models from 375 to 385 grams. All 3 putters are available in right- and left-hand options and are similarly slightly offset as well. The lengths start at 34 inches and work their way up to 41 inches for those with diverse putting styles.

If the 3D printer precision and DLT technology was not enough the final clincher for us was the Cobra Connect Smart Grip with embedded sensors. This allows the putter to integrate with Arccos Caddie giving you tangible metrics and measurements for your putting stroke. Now you can work on putting consistency of without having to factor in the variables like to lie of the green.  We don’t believe technology replaces coaching but this is a great example where it provides you a tool that provides very tangible metrics in real time to support the techniques you are looking to perfect. 

So, time will tell where Cobra King’s 3D Printed Golf Putters finally end up in our rankings but if nothing else it was a great way to kick them off.

Cobra King 2021 3D Printed Golf Putters
  • 3D Printed Lattice Cartridge – An intricate 3D printed nylon lattice cartridge ooptimizes the weight distribution within the putter head to create the highest MOI possible for more consistent and predictable rolls
  • Steel Chassis – A 286g steel chassis lowers the center of gravity and adds structural stability to support the other components
  • Forged Aluminum Crown – A lightweight 21g forged aluminum crown creates discretionary weight to position more mass around the perimeter to increase MOI
  • Tungsten Weighting – 30 grams worth of tungsten weighting is combined in the forward and rear heel and toe extremities to maximize stability on off-center putts for increased consistency

Odyssey 2-Ball Ten 2022 Putter

Callaway 2022 Ten Putter (Ten Triple Track, Left Hand, 33' Shaft, Double Bend Hosel, Oversized Grip)

We were lucky enough the other day to get our hands on some new gear to demo via some back channels. One of the more interesting items was the new 2022 Odyssey 2-Ball Ten Putter. We decided to make a game of it so a few of us headed to the putting green with a handful of new putters in hand to have a little fun. There are worse things to do than have a little putting competition while trying out new gear, especially if you win 🙂

The Odyssey’s 2-Ball Ten Putter was actually well received amongst the entire group. It is never really a surprise when we try out an Odessy putter and like it given how long they have been making winning putters. But this one seemed to have a little extra something too it.

For sure the addition of the stroke lab 3GEN shaft is an instant plus and given my everyday putter is equipped with one I can’t say I would go against it. The shaft is very well balanced and I have found it helps keeping my putting stroke more consistent. The 2-Ball alignment design does seem a little more streamlined than other similar mallet putters and its 365gr weight was spot on in helping me deliver smooth putting strokes.

The feel from the White Hot two-part urethane insert had the ball rolling forward perfectly off contact. With putter it is sometimes so hard to understand why some just feel and perform better than others do. But as soon as I had the 2-Ball Ten in my hands I was even looking forward to taking on challenging putts. It was just better than the rest as far as the confidence while standing over the ball.

There was nothing wrong with the its predecessor, a great putter in its own right. The 2022 version is not a major departure or modification of what works. There are just slight enhancements that make that little difference. It is slightly more streamlined but you might have to take an extra look to notice it. Being a full mallet putter there was the room to manoeuvre here and Odyssey has found a perfect balance this time around. There are also a few alignment line options for golfers to pick what is personally optically pleasing. Finally with the option of choosing between a doublebend or slantneck hosel should give enough choice to find your own optimal putter balance.

I completely understand when it comes to putters how different golfers’ opinions and preferences can be. Sometimes I am in awe of how well fellow golfers putt using what I might consider unusable so I will forgive you if you don’t agree with me. But if nothing else the 2-Ball Ten Putter did deliver the winning put in our putt-off and that is enough to get in on our rankings today 🙂

Odyssey 2-Ball Ten 2022 Putter
  • We’ve enhanced The Ten shape that’s incredibly popular on Tour and with golfers. It’s sleeker, more forgiving, and now you can choose from impressive options in our 2-Ball or Triple Track to help improve your alignment.
  • We took our proprietary major-winning, multi-material Stroke Lab shaft and made it even better. This new shaft is seven grams lighter overall, it’s stiffer, and it’s more stable to enhance the tempo and consistency in your putting stroke.
  • This high-performance insert is packed with Microhingetechnology,promotingimmediate forward roll for improved speed and control.