Best budget putters 2021/2022

Best budget putters 2021/2022

Our best budget putters 2021/2022 article completes our set of core rankings lists based on pricing for putters. These are the lists that we intend to maintain year on year going forward. Towards the end of each year, we will push the calendar forward a year so that we are always comparing gear over 2-year intervals. We have decided to go in this direction since manufacturers often do not update all of their product lines every year. 

In addition to our core articles, we may randomly add some ad-hoc lists along the way. This just depends on if we see there are product categories or occasions that warrant special looks. Our other putter core articles are:

Best putters for the money 2021/2022

Our overall best/favorite putters without limits on pricing

Best golf putters 2021/2022

Here we will include all of the putter we review during the year. So, anything that may fall from the top 3 of our main articles can be found here. This also includes putters from any eventual ad-hoc putter articles.

Our best budget putters 2021/2022 will compare putters on the lower half of the price scale We have seen that the premium priced putters are pushing close to the 500-dollar mark. So we thought it made sense to benchmark somewhere around a USD 200 cap for our budget putter category. 

If you are looking for super budget options, take a look at our earlier 5 Best putters under 100 dollars article. We decided to increase the budget a little for our core budget putter article to better reflect the market and give you better options. Why?? Consider the amount of money spent on your driver. Compare the number of strokes of the golf spent with it vs those used on the green. There’s your answer. 

Hopefully we can help you find the right fit on the green to avoid horror stories like my 42 putt round of 83 the other day. 

PXG 2011 0211 V-42 Putter

PXG 0211 Putter Golf Club with Alignment Aid - Right and Left Handed - Bayonet, Clydesdale, Hellcat, Lightning, V-42

We were lucky to be able to squeeze in some testing of the PXG 0211 putter lineup during our PXG trial day. It was a full day of surprise after surprise and the putters did not disappoint. With its 5 putter head shapes individually optimized with hosel pairing, offset and weight there really little doubt that almost any golfer will find a putter well balanced for their preferences.

I generally alternate between go to putters in my inventory depending on the type/speed of the greens I am playing. I can add a little mood and superstition to my selection process as well  One of the is an older Odyssey half mallet so I was not surprised to find the 0211 V-42 Putter as one of my favorites in the lineup.

PXG would describe it as follows: 

“The 0211 V-42 Putter is a heel shafted, mid-mallet that minimizes distraction and delivers critical precision. Complete with PXG’s bold Runway Reticle alignment aid, this crescent-shaped putter also features a top rail dot and slightly flared dual-step geometry for exceptionally easy aim. V-42 also boasts PXG’s flagship Pyramid Face Pattern technology for maximum consistency across the face.”

To be honest I am not going to try to uptalk or turn this into a marketing exercise. The fact is that this is a putter that is extremely well made and thought out. I felt confident standing over the ball and the alignment features worked well with my eyes delivering the roll and direction I had intended. It is a putter that I could have in my bag and be happy with it.

The reason I just don’t see the point in looking for faults is that this a putter that would cost you about USD 150. Bottom line is it outperforms its price. You are getting a piece of gear from an elite equipment manufacturer at a price level that is at par with some department store equipment. There are points to discuss if you want to put it up against a top line Evnroll, Odyssey or Scotty Cameron putter, but if you’re considering price-performance ratios, I am not sure you will find better anytime soon.

 My recommendation instead of trying to find a better putter for the money would be to invest it in deciding which PXG 0211 putter best suits your game. To help here are PXG’s highlights of the various models:

0211 Bayonet Putter
  • Traditionally shaped blade
  • One of the lightest putters in the 0211 lineup
  • High MOI blade with a flared cavity 
  • Distinctive Runway Reticle alignment aid
  • Impressive forgiveness and aim
  • PXG’s flagship Pyramid Face Pattern technology
0211 Hellcat Putter
  • A smooth glider
  • Heavy blade built for consistent control and ball speed. 
  • Golfers who prefer a traditional shape and heavier feel. 
  • PXG’s bold Runway Reticle alignment aid and flagship Pyramid Face Pattern technology
0211 Clydesdale putter
  • Longest of all the 0211 Putters from heel-to-toe, 
  • Extremely high MOI for a blade-style putter. 
  • Plumber’s neck hosel, 
  • PXG’s bold Runway Reticle alignment aid and flagship Pyramid Face Pattern technology
  • Clydesdale helps deliver optimum horsepower for outstanding control and accuracy.
0211 Lightning Putter
  • Delivers extreme control for a stabilized approach on the green. 
  • Largest of the 0211 Putters
  • Lightning features a double bend hosel
  • PXG’s bold Runway Reticle alignment aid, and flagship Pyramid Face Pattern technology 
PXG 2011 0211 V-42 Putter
  • Built by hand to your unique specifications, the PXG 0211 V-42 Putter presents a traditional blade-style design with a heavier feel that helps deliver smooth strokes and impressive control.
  • The V-42 boasts PXG’s game changing Runway Reticle alignment aid, a top rail line and flared dual-step geometry to help golfers lock-in on their target and sink more putts. For added consistency across the face, the V-42 also deploys PXG’s milled Pyramid Face Pattern technology.
  • MATERIALS - cast 303 stainless steel
  • HEAD DEISGN - Mid-Mallet, 350 grams
  • HOSEL TYPE - Heel Shafted

TP Hydroblast Putter

TP Hydroblast Del Monte 1

TaylorMade’s TP Hydroblast line brings 7 new classic putter designs to market. All of the line has been subjected to the hydroblast finishing process where high pressured water is applied to the 303 stainless steel. This not only results in a premium smooth finish but compliments the simple and stylish design of the putter line.

They left the gimmicks and attempts at over styling behind and concentrated on just making a great straight forward putter. The line does include the TPU Surlyn insert borrowed from TaylorMades premium priced putters. The thicker Pure Roll insert with its downward 45° grooves provides better sound, feel and roll characteristics.

Across the line there is a good range of toe balancing from about 40 degrees to face balanced. So, the majority of golfers will be able to find an option that matched their putting stroke. The offset options are a little more restrictive ranging from a ¾ to a full offset. All of the putters do have removable weights that can be easily purchased. So, even if the stock weight is not to your liking it quickly can be tweaked.

Your biggest win is in the manufacturing process itself. Thanks to the cast-then-mill production process Taylormade has been able to get the putter in your hands at a significantly lower price that a fully milled version would cost. You still get the look and feel plus get to keep a chunk of cash in your wallet. You will struggle to find a better price vs quality ratio.

If you have not had the chance to give the TP Hydroblast a look now is a great time to do so.

TP Hydroblast Putter
  • See below for description