5 Best Golf Bags under 100 dollars

Best Golf Bags under 100 dollars

In all of the reviews we do we take money seriously. We understand that most of us do not have an endless supply of it so we want to always ensure that the product you buy deserves the dollars you spent. In the next set of reviews, we have decided to be a little more precise and make some recommendations for bags specifically within set price ranges. We will specifically be looking at, the 5 best golf bags under 100 dollars, the 5 best golf bags under 150 dollars and the 5 best golf bags under 200 dollars.

We have chosen to not overlap the ranges so you can compare the top 5 bags in each of our articles and then decide for yourself if you want to move up a category. When possible and where justified we try to cover different bag type options in each price range. We think it is equally of interest to compare what the extra spend is getting you. Please take note that our price ranges are based on the recommended selling prices from the manufacturers so we compare what is comparable. At any given time, sales and promotions come up but, in our opinion, it still makes more sense to look at all things being equal to start and go from there.

In this first article we evaluate the 5 best golf bags under 100 dollars. Due to the budget price point/constraint, the top-5 rated products are dominated by carry and stand bags. Following our evaluations we concluded that the larger bags at this price level were just not offering enough to be considered in this year’s ratings. 

It was a fun group of bags to evaluate. We found that in this budget market segment there was far greater competition from some of the lesser known bag manufacturers to compete. Their products tended to stack up better against the traditional big names in golf bag manufacturing in this market segment as compared to the mid-range and premium market segments. In the end we picked the Wilson Staff – Feather Stand Bag as the winner of the 5 Best Golf Bags under 100 dollars.

Our 5 top picks

Our Choice
Wilson Staff Feather Stand Bag Orlimar SRX 5.6 Golf Stand Bag Taylormade Quiver Stand Bag Wilson Staff Quiver Stand Bag Orlimar Pitch & Putt Lightweight Carry Bag

Weight 5 lbs 7 lbs 3 lbs 3 lbs 3 lbs
Dividers 5 5 3 3 2
Pockets 5 5 6 4 1
Colors 5 1 2 2 8
Stand Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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Our Choice

Wilson Staff Feather Stand BagOur Top pick for the 5 Best Golf Bags under 100 dollars 

Best Golf Bags under 100 dollars Wilson Staff feather stand bag

  • 5 lbs
  • 5-Way 5″×7″top
  • 2 Full-length dividers
  • 1 Molded handle
  • 1 Full-length side pocket
  • 1 Velour-lined valuables pocket
  • 1 Large accessory pocket
  • 1 Mid-size ball and tee pocket
  • 1 Large open pocket holds beverages or rangefinder
  • Slide 2-in-1 self-balancing strap system with 4-point double strap
  • Ergonomic padded strap
  • Hip / low back pad
  • Umbrella holder    
  • Towel ring
  • Rain hood


The Wilson Feather Carry bag despite its budget price is a full featured golf stand bag. While other bags in this category tend to be streamlined it offers everything much more expensive bags do at a greatly reduced price. While doing so Wilson Staff has been able to keep the bag weight at a very manageable and lightweight 5 lbs. In addition, the four-point double strap makes it a comfortable carry on any course.

The Feather Carry bag comes with a 5-way top with 2 full-length dividers providing ample space for a set of clubs. There is plenty of storage room divided between its array of 5 pockets so your gear and gadgets will be well taken care of. 

While it does just slide under the price limit the Wilson Staff Feather Carry bag has more than enough features to justify it. It leads the group in almost all of the categories we judged and even if it weighed a little more than some of the other bags the loss of a couple of lbs was proportional to the extras that are included. So, for those looking for a carry bag that offers the features of a Mid-Range bag at a budget price the Feather Carry bag is the bag for you.

Our Runner Up – The 5 Best Golf Bags under 100 dollars – Orlimar SRX 5.6 Golf Stand Bag

Our runner up for the best golf bag under 100 dollars is the Orlimar SRX 5.6 Golf Stand Bag.  It put up a good fight for the top of the group but did not quite get there. It is slightly smaller than the Feather bag which may actually be a preferred option for some. We instead found it caught between a streamlined stand bag and a full sized one.

Orlimar SRX 5.6 Golf Stand Bag

Runner Up -  the 5 Best Golf Bags under 100 dollars -  Orlimar SRX 5.6 Golf Stand Bag

  • 7 lbs
  • 7.5-inch, 5-way graphite top
  • Bottom lift handle
  • Padded double carry strap and hip pad
  • Tee holder
  • Umbrella holder
  • Rain hood cover
  • 5 zippered pockets
  • Velour lined valuables pocket
  • Hydration bottle sleeve
  • Towel ring with Velcro glove attachment
  • Easy release, tempered stand leg
  • Light weight dobby nylon materials

Nevertheless, the Orlimar SRX 5.6 stand bag does has plenty of storage space and 5 zippered pockets to cover the various needs of the golfer. A nice feature that is not included in many bags at this price is the hydration bottle sleeve. The double strap works well but not quite matching the comfort level of the top-5 leader. At 7 lbs it is the heaviest golf bag in the group and this also played a role its ultimate runner up rating.

The roughly 20% price savings as compared to our top recommendation could be used to add a dozen balls to your bag or just keep dollars in your pocket. All things considered we have no trouble seeing the value in this bag and no trouble in recommending it as our runner up golf bad under 100 dollars 

Our Other top picks for The 5 Best Golf Bags under 100 dollars 

Ranked 3rd

The Quiver carry bag from TaylorMade Golf rounds out our podium picks at 3rd place. It is a compact golf bag which is ideal for practising or travelling. Despite the size it still has a full range of 6 multi purpose pockets. Its ultra light weight 2.4 pounds and padded shoulder strap make it a comfortable carry.

TaylorMade Quiver carry bag

TaylorMade Quiver carry bag - The 5 Best Golf Bags under 100 dollars

  • 2.4 lbs
  • 3-Way Top
  • Micro stand system
  • Crush resistant construction
  • Air mesh padded hip pad
  • Umbrella Sleeve
  • Towel loop
  • Moulded base
  • Self-adjusting Padded single strap
  • 6 total pockets
  • Valuables pocket
  • Garment pocket
  • Accessory pocket
  • Ball pocket
  • Beverage pocket

Ranked 4th

Straightforward, simple, easy-to-use and featherweight. This is what you get with the Wilson QS carry bag and this is why it climbs into our top 5. Has everything you need in a bag at a great price to get you out on the course without fuss or complications.

Wilson Staff – Quiver Stand Bag

Wilson Staff - Quiver Stand Bag - The 5 Best Golf Bags under 100 dollars

  • 3 lbs
  • 3-Way 8″ × 6.5″ top
  • Full-length dividers
  • Lightweight stand
  • Towel ring
  • Glove holder
  • Rain hood
  • Umbrella holder

Ranked 5th

This is the most compact bag on the list and more meant for a quick trip to the range or your par 3 course. It is however very well made and more than meets such demands and then some. At this price range it is a a bag that would be sought after and this is why it the Orlimar Pitch & Putt rounds out our best 5 golf bags under 100 dollars

Orlimar – Pitch & Putt Lightweight Carry Bag

Orlimar Pitch & Putt Lightweight Carry Bag - The 5 Best Golf Bags under 100 dollars

  • 1.95 lbs
  • Two compartment top
  • Ultra lightweight construction

  • One accessory pocket
  • Durable carry handle