Oscar Jacobson Rowland Full Zip Jacket

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It should not be a surprise that a company that has been involved in the fashion industry for more than 100 years can make a stylish jacket that looks as good on the golf course as is does off of it. The Oscar Jacobson Rowland Full Zip Jacket does exactly that. What is more impressive is the jacket not only looks great but performs extremely well allowing the golfer to go after the ball with an unrestricted full range of movement.

The Rowland is a lightweight softshell jacket that not only provides full windproof protection but has a high degree of water resistance allowing you to withstand the odd shower and not have to switch to your rain gear. It is warm enough to handle the autumn months comfortably and the water-resistant fabric also quickly dries to limit the probability that precipitation passes when facing on again, off again ran showers.

Oscar Jacobson is a premium golf and clothing brand so the jacket does not come cheap. Having said, there is more than enough quality in the jacket to justify the price. When you take a closer look at the lines and cut of the jacket you start to realize the differences between the Rowland and more typical sport apparel manufacturers. 

For myself and many golfers when playing a more serious round on the course scoring is important but it is also important to also look the part. And make no mistake the Rowland Full Zip Jacket is a serious looking golf jacket that will protect you from the elements without getting in the way of your golf game.

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