Lululemon Engineered warmth jacket

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The Lululemon Engineered warmth jacket is not specifically branded as a golf jacket as much as Lululemon itself does not manufacture a dedicate golf line of apparel. What they do however is make exceptionally well-made products that with top quality materials and attention to every detail. Supporting the claim is the fact that this Canadian company has been selected as the official outfitter for the Canadian Olympic team beginning with the 2022 Winter games.

The Engineered warmth jacket has a 100% merino wool Interior face which is soft against the skin and helps the body maintain is regular body temperature. The 4 way stretch material contours your body incredibly well without leaving you feeling constrained at any point during a full swing. When I tried gave it a try, I did not fell I was wearing a jacket anymore than feeling like I am wearing a perfectly fitting golf glove. When looking at sizing options keep in mind it is a slim fit sizing so for those who don’t quite fit that description you might need to size up.

The jacket is lightweight but does provide a little more warmth that similar weighted jackets so it is perfect for when cooler temperatures kick in.  It is not a winter jacket but it will be more than adequate as a shoulder season garment. 

What I also loved about the jacket is that it is not a “golf” jacket but still out performs many on the market. So, for those of you who like to have your own style, you are less likely to be teeing up with someone wearing the same outfit. Not to mention you would also have a hard time finding better looking athletic outer wear so transition to the 19th has never been easier.

So, for those of you who are not familiar with the Lululemon brand the Engineered warmth jacket would be a great place to change that.

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