Galway Bay Golf All-Weather Long Sleeve Jacket

Men's Golf Rain Gear - Galway Bay Golf All-Weather Long Sleeve Jacket (Small, Black)

When we sat down to discuss wet weather golf clothing, I hijacked the discussion and made the Galway Bay Golf All-Weather Long Sleeve Jacket the first item up for debate amongst our group. I admit that I am coming in with a bias since it is one of two rain jackets that I go to when the weather turns. 

I had actually given Galway weatherproofs a try based on reading reviews a couple of years back. So now it has now come full circle and now I am the one writing recommendations to other golfers to do the same. The new All-Weather Long Sleeve Jacket actually has actually jumped a step forward delivering an even lighter and more comfortable jacket without sacrificing the level of dryness.

There are currently two color options available, both being primarily black, which suits me very well. I don’t look to my rain gear to be flashy and eye catching as much as keeping me dry and warm this Galway Bay Golf jacket does exactly that. With waterproof sealed seams and zippers rain is left on the outside while the breathability of this jacket manages to stop you from feeling like a walking sauna like many lesser quality rain jackets do.       

There may be trendier names in golf that people are gravitating towards these days and I have my fair share of those items as well. But I can tell you that I have no intention of retiring my Galway rain jacket for one of those anytime soon. So if you want a great waterproof jacket that will help you focus on the game at hand the All-Weather Long Sleeve Jacket is a great place to start.

Galway Bay Golf All-Weather Long Sleeve Jacket
  • Our proprietary Hydro-Flex 32 fabric blocks wind and rain
  • Fabric breathes to release excess body heat and sweat
  • Lightweight
  • Soft, quiet fabric
  • Waterproof sealed seams
  • Waterproof zippers