Best value golf jackets 2021/2022

best value golf jackets 2021/2022

When putting together our best new mens golf jackets 2021/2022 we never realized how difficult it would be. Already for apparel we had increased the dynamic rankings to a top 5 over the evaluation period. But even with the extra two items if comparing to our gear rankings lists, we felt there are just too many good options. We just felt we needed to break it down further. And that is why we have created our best value golf jackets 2021/2022 rankings.

When reviewing our first group of jackets, we realised the premium branded and designed jackets of course where standing out. Whether it is due to better marketing, superior design or maintaining a country club image it is not surprising that there is tendency to gravitate towards more exclusive items. Of course, with premium brands and products comes premium price tags. 

It did not seem fair to compare a jacket that costs 3 times more with the same set of expectations. Without any categorization on the price, it seemed that many quality jackets that might not be the coolest or trendiest would fall out of the top rankings. 

To be very clear these are still quality jackets. They need to support your range of motion and live up to their purpose. Be it warmth or protection from the elements the lower the jacket needs to perform so you can too. We just wanted to give you a set of options that match your needs. For many of us care cost is an object. So keeping money in our wallet is more important than the logo on our clothes.

So, our best value golf jackets 2021/2022 will focus on options in approximately the 100-dollar range. There is a little flexibility here depending on if we are talking about a windbreaker vs sub zero jacket. We will be launching one additional core ranking list, best premium golf jackets 2021/2022 to review and track the premium branded jackets. 

We will use our best new men’s golf jackets 2021/2022 rankings as our bucket to hold all the jackets from our two core articles as well as any other ad-hoc lists that come up along the way. 

Under Armour Storm Daytona Golf Jacket

Under Armour Storm Daytona Mens Golf Jacket

Under Armour may not be trending as much as some of the Euro Nordic labels have been in recent years. But what it continues to do is supply the golf industry with quality apparel at significantly lower prices. And the Storm Daytona Mens Golf Jacket is just another great example.

It adapts and breaths well to temperature changes keeping you warm when it’s cool, but letting out extra heat as the day gets going. I am a golfer who does prefer cooler that hotter temperatures and I did manage to stay comfortable in the Storm Daytona a little longer than I would have with many other jackets.

There is a touch of elegance/class to the jacket but the sporty look is still dominant. It is available in 4 colors and 6 sizes there should be an option that works well for most golfers. I found the jacket to fit true to size and I did not feel constricted during play from tee or fairway.

If you are looking for an everyday golf jacket that is suited for cooler temperatures and that won’t hurt the wallet you might want to take a look this way.

Under Armour Storm Daytona Golf Jacket
  • Material: 91% Polyester / 9% Elastane
  • The Storm Daytona is built to adapt to the temperature which will keep you warm in cold weather
  • It is also built with UA Storm technology that will repel water
  • The breathable insulation works with a lightweight, smooth spacer fabric for the right amount of warmth
  • There are open hand pockets that are great for storing an extra ball or two and golf tees