5 best golf balls for the money

When choosing the 5 best golf balls for the money we wanted to provide recommendations that would be aligned with golfers from varying levels of play. Then it was all about saving you some money. We wanted to find you options that would be a little easier on your pocket book while still putting a ball in your hands that would typically fit your game. 

Therefore, we did not consider options selling at or above 2 dollars (manufactures suggested selling price) per ball. So, in general the balls we recommend are 50-75% less expensive than the selling price of premium golf balls while surrendering nowhere near that level of performance.

So if you are generally on a budget or just planning on playing some tough rounds ahead and want to use a ball that will still perform without worrying to much if a few go astray then check out our 5 best golf balls for the money.

Our 5 top picks

Our Choice
Cut Blue  Kirkland Signature performance+ TaylorMade V3 Distance Wilson Tour Velocity Distance Srixon Soft Feel

Construction 4-Piece 3-Piece 3-Piece 2-Piece 2-Piece
Price Value Value Value Value Value
Cover Urethane Urethane Ionomer Ionomer Ionomer
Compression Firm Firm Med Med Low
Dimples 314 338 342 400 338
Feel Soft Soft Soft Med Very Soft
Driver Spin Low High Low Low Low
Flight High Low Mid Mid-High Mid-High
swing Speed 97-104 84-96 97-104 84-96 84-96
Handicap Low-Mid Mid High High Mid
Colors W W W W W / Y / O / R / G
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Our Choice

Cut Blue – Our pick for best golf balls for the money


  • 4-Piece Construction
  • Tour Quality Urethane Cover
  • Low long game spin
  • Long Distance
  • More consistent high flight on all shots
  • Playable short game feel       
  • Long lasting durability
  • 314 Dimple Pattern
  • 90 Compression
  • USGA Conforming
  • 2018 & 2019 Golf Digest Hot List
  • Available in White


Cut has marketed there golf ball line under the slogan “a ball for the people” offering premium tour quality balls for cost conscious golfers. So, it is appropriate that the Cut Blue tops our top 5 golf balls for the money rankings.

The Cut Blue is a 4-piece ball that has been given an upgrade from its original design now with a new urethane cover and 314-dimple pattern. Without having played the original ball I can’t really make any direct comparisons as to if and what I feel has been improved but what the Cut Blue is able to deliver at the price was very impressive.

The 90 compression is well suited for golfers in the faster swing speed range, similar to those comfortable playing the Prov1. Since the Cut Blue is marketed as a distance ball we will start there. Accepting that many of the ball tests are quoting 2-3% carry increases over the ProV1 this still actually represents less than 5-10 yards difference for the majority of golfers. Given this translates into less that a club in distance differential what was of more interest was how well it controlled off the tee. 

With clean contact I can say confidently that the distance was there as advertised but when the strike was a little less perfect the balls response was much less forgiving. The spin off the resulted in a few balls getting away that normally I feel would have still been in play. Under windier conditions this coupled with the high ball flight may be challenging for some golfers and this is why we targeted this ball for the low to mid handicappers.

The Cut Blue on and around the green worked extremely well. For a distance ball the feel was still soft created great spin to play at the pin with confidence. Also, the feel and sound from my putter was favorable and I don’t feel that I lost any strokes on green play. 

The durability of the ball did show some wear and tear a little faster than what might be expected from the Premium balls but keeping in mind that we are comparing a ball at less than half the cost it should not be a deal breaker. Over the course of the two rounds as well as some work with our launch monitor there at times seemed to be some slight deviations in the performance of a few of the balls but to be sure and more quantitative and controlled testing is needed. Nevertheless there is nothing in it that would lesser my recommendation that the Cut Blue is a great ball for those looking for a performance ball at an affordable price and its choice as our best golf ball for the price.

Cut Blue’s key selling points:

  • Optimal distance with woods & irons, lower ball flight, and improved green-side control.
  • Durable urethane cover has a softer feel and features a 314-dimple pattern to minimize drag, resulting in a consistent ball flight in all playing conditions. 
  • Premium Quality – Back by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Tour Level Performance – Designed and Tested for All Levels of Golfers
  • Speedy Delivery – You get your golf balls within 1-3 days
  • Best Value – Cut has cut out unnecessary expenses and markups

Our Runner Up – Kirkland Signature Performance+

We decided to give the Kirkland Signature Performance Plus a try. Being a three-piece urethane covered ball priced similarly to that of a value ranged Ionomer ball it sparked some interest. For myself it was of interest since my ball of choice is the Titleist ProV1 and from a description point of view these balls untested would be similar.

Kirkland has marketed the Signature Performance Plus as having controlled spin on the long game however this is actually the point where the balls does not live up to the expectations being set during my trials. This ball spins everywhere. While this is a definite plus greenside it had less than desirable effects off the tee. This is actually why we feel the ball is more suited for a mid-handicap player rather than a recreational golfer. The high spin rates may be too much for the beginner to navigate while also most high handicappers are not ready to realize the benefits of high green side spin.

While the Kirkland Signature Performance Plus does not play as long as the premium urethane covered 3-piece balls it comes in approximately 4 times less in cost per ball and this cannot be overlooked. So, while you may be giving up a few yards off the tee you will definitely be gaining in the pocket and at this price you would be hard pressed to find a better ball on the market.

Kirkland Signature Performance+

Runner Up - Best golf ball for the money - Kirkland Signature Performance+

  • 3-piece construction
  • Urethane cover
  • 338-dimple pattern
  • High spin rates
  • Low ball flight
  • • Soft feel
  • Average swing speeds
  • Mid Handicap
  • 90 Compression
  • Budget Price

Signature Performance+’s key selling points:

  • Speed boosting mantle is optimized with three-piece construction to control spin with long irons while generating high spin on short irons for control around the green
  • Soft urethane cover provides responsive putting feel, excellent greenside control & longer-lasting
  • High performance ball suitable for recreational and competitive play
  • Low compression highly elastic rubber core provides a soft feel with high speed
  • 338-dimple pattern provides a penetrating ball trajectory
  • High level performance and a budget level price

Ranked 3rd – TaylorMade V3 Distance 

Grabbing the last podium position the TaylorMade V3 Distance takes 3rd place on our best golf balls for money list. The V3 Distance is a 3-piece Ionomer covered ball with a Medium 70 compression. To be honest we did not take it out for a full round of golf but rather an extended session on the range and to a couple of our local clubs’ par 5’s to get the feel from a full range of shots and on and around the green.

Above all, this ball is perfectly set up for the beginner high handicapper who likes to go out there and let it rip off the tee. Additionally the low driver spin and a medium flight trajectory it really helps those with inconsistent swings keep it in play. This is great for the weekend golfer who wants to go out there and flex some muscle with his friends.

It is playable on and around the greens and would be very suitable for a golfer still working on the mechanics of his game and not wanting to invest a lot of money in golf balls while doing so. It is not for the player wanting to shape his shots but it is not meant to be. We feel a ball aimed at this market segment does not to be worried about nuances but play and roll true and the V3 does all of that.

The TaylorMade V3 Distance more than meets our expectations, delivering exactly what is being marketed, at a price that is very fair for a well-constructed ball.

TaylorMade V3 Distance

Ranked 3rd - TaylorMade V3 Distance - best golf ball for the money

  • 3 piece Construction
  • 342 Dimples
  • Soft, durable Iothane cover
  • Greenside control
  • Fast Swing speeds
  • Medium flight
  •  Fast ball speeds for longer distance off the tee
  • Soft feel and control around the greens
  • 70 Compression
  • Soft High-Energy React™ core
  • Available in white

V3 Distance key selling points:

Softer feel core for maximum distance off the tee, more layers for better iron distance and control, soft feel into the green for responsive short game performance…


Softer feel core for maximum distance off the tee


More layers for better iron distance and control

Ranked 4th – Wilson Tour Velocity Distance

Wilson Tour Velocity Distance ranked as the least expensive price per ball in our best golf balls for the money rankings and at this price it is certainly not a surprise that it makes our ranking. It is a 2-piece ionomer covered ball for the high handicapper who wants to go out and watch the ball fly. 

The typical recreational golfer will be well suited for the Velocity Distance given its optimal performance paired with players with average swing speeds. The enhanced 400 dimple pattern also does provide some forgiveness in reducing ball spin thus helping the less experienced golfer keeping the ball in play. Accepting that the high handicapper generally also spends a fair bit of time out of play the cost affective price per ball is a definitive plus.

We found that even though the Tour Velocity Distance ball does focus on the long game the soft feel coupled with mid compression did translate well also on the fairway and around the greens. 

The Wilson Tour Velocity Distance 

Ranked 4th - Best balls for the money - Wilson Tour Velocity Distance

  • Two-piece construction
  • Ionomer cover
  • 400 Dimples
  • Optimum Ball Trajectory for Extreme Distance
  •  Medium compression
  • Average swing speeds
  • Mid-High ball flight
  • High Energy Core

Tour Velocity Distance key selling points:

  • Extreme Distance from Tee to Green
  • Hard cover material generates optimal ball trajectory resulting in maximum distance and roll
  • Mid compression core for increased feel and playability on short game and approach shots 
  • Enhanced aerodynamic dimple pattern provides superior performance & increased power off the tee

Ranked 5th – Srixon Soft Feel

Since I am normally not a golfer that plays a really soft golf ball, I had never given the Srixon Soft feel a try. With this year Srixon coming out with their 12th generation of the ball I thought I would give it a try. 

It for sure comes as advertised, it is a very soft low compression 60 ball. This is set up for the average swing speed golfer who is trying to maximize their distance while playing within swing speed limitations. While a golfer with faster swing speeds would be better suited somewhere else the Soft Feel excels for those golfers who are not ready or able to generate more club speed through the ball.

Being early in the season the conditions were at times adverse but the ball handled them well in flight as well as on the green. 

To be honest the hardest thing to figure out was who this Srixon Soft Feel is best suited for. Despite the fact that it is a 2-piece ball with Ionomer cover and optimized for the above-mentioned swing speeds we do feel that the ball plays better than its face value. So, in the end we felt it best suited for mid handicap players as they are more apt to gain from the playability the Srixon Feel offers. While the ball plays better than its face value it is priced below with prices well bellow half the price of the top premium balls on the market. In short there is great value and play to be realized in playing the Soft Feel.

Whether off the tee or around the greens, the new SOFT FEEL lives up to its namesake. As a result, you’ll experience a solid yet comfortable impact on every swing, giving you more confidence as you address each shot. Consequently we felt it well deserved to be included in out best golf balls for the money rankings.

Srixon Soft Feel

Ranked 5th - Srixon Soft Feel - best balls for the money

  •  Two-piece construction
  • Ionomer cover
  • 338 Dimples
  • Very soft
  • Low driver spin
  •  Low compression
  • Average swing speeds
  • Mid-High ball flight
  • Mid Handicapper

Srixon Soft Feel key selling points:

The new SOFT FEEL features our softest FastLayer Core to date. But with a completely redesigned formulation, this latest generation adds more resiliency with a soft center that gradually transitions to a firm outer edge. A more resilient core snaps back to shape more quickly just after impact. As a result, that added snap means more ball speed and more distance off the tee.

To get more distance overall and better performance in the wind, 338 Speed Dimples reduce drag at launch and increase lift during descent. With just the right combination of dimple uniformity and dimple occupancy, Speed Dimples boost distance and fly straight, even in the toughest wind conditions.

Soft, thin cover provides more greenside spin and softer feel on all pitches, chips and putts.

This year I am tracking all the balls I find during my golf rounds to come up with this years winner of the OFF PIST GOLF BALL OF THE YEAR. If you would like to see if any of our recommendations strayed from the fairway come take a look.