5 Best low spin golf balls

Best Low Spin Golf Balls

Since many of us fight with getting off the tee down the middle of the fairway we thought to take a look at some of the best low spin golf balls available on the market right now to give some of our favorite picks. Since it is a pretty wide-open subject matter and the demand for low spin golf balls includes low to high handicappers, we tried to include something of interests for the various skill levels out there.

Hopefully our efforts will help you find a ball that matches your golf games needs and keeps you walking in a straight line from tee to green.

Our 5 top picks

Our Choice
TBridgestone Tour B X  TaylorMade TP5x Vice Drive Titleist AVX  Srixon Q-STAR Tour divide

Construction 3-Piece 5-Piece 2-Piece 3-Piece 3-Piece
Price Premium Premium Premium Premium Premium
Cover Urethane Urethane Urethane Hybrid PARALOID Urethane
Compression Low Low Med Med Med
Dimples 322 352 336 332 338
Feel Very Soft Very Soft Medium Soft Softer
Driver Spin Med Low Low Low Med/High
Flight High Low Mid/High High High
swing Speed 105+ 105+ 72-83 84-96 84-96
Handicap Low Low/Mid high Mid Mid
Colors W W / Y W W / Y W / Y / RY
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Our Choice

Bridgestone Tour B X – Our pick for best low spin golf balls

Bridgestone Tour B X - Our pick for best low spin golf balls


  • Seamless Smart Urethane cover
  • 3-piece construction
  • 330 Dual Dimple design
  • X-Firm Compression
  • Faster speed and low spin off the driver
  • Low Flight
  • More distance and increased roll
  • More consistent accuracy, distance and trajectory
  • Optimised for tour-fast swing speeds of 105 mph and higher

While the ball that sits at the top of our Best Low Spin Golf Ball rankings may not suit the game of many golfers it has found its way into the bags of many players on tour and backed by some of the biggest names in golf. Bridgestone Tour B X is set up for players with swing speeds over 105mph so this may scare some golfers away but for those of you who have the pace it is great low spin option for you to give a try.

The Tour B X is one of the four new Tour B lineup balls introduced by Bridgestone in 2020. Specifically targeted at low handicapped golfers who are looking for a low penetrating flight the B X can hold its own with the leading distance balls on the market. 

We felt the Tour B X excelled and set itself apart from its competition with the amount of spin it was able to generate during the short game thus allowing for aggressive at the pin play. While this might not be a feature that is as appreciated by some less skilled golfers, we feel it pairs well with the target Tour B X’s target golfer.

The only question mark we were left with was the durability of the ball. Our whole flight played the Tour B X as well as our runner up ball during a round of a Texas scramble and all noticed several instances where we marked/scuffed the ball. Even though we were able to continue on playing with the ball given the premium pricing it might be an issue for some.

Tour B X’s key selling points:


REACTIV is a smart Urethane which acts as an ‘impact modifier’ thus allowing the cover to react differently depending on the force of the impact. Thus acting as a shock absorbing cover on slow impact shots for more spin and control (wedge) – and high resilience on high impact shots for more power and distance (drive).

Gradational Core

Added distance and forgiveness comes from the Gradational Compression cores. As a result the higher initial ball speed and lower side spin from the Gradational Compression core help give you an advantage on the course.

Dual Dimple

Extra distance and enhanced aerodynamics are a result of the Dual Dimple technology. The added distance comes from a more efficient ball trajectory thanks to less drag when the ball is in flight.

Seamless Cover

Consistent flight and performance are the direct result of the proprietary Seamless Cover Technology. The perfect performance and aerodynamic balance has been achieved though a manufacturing processes developed specifically to create a perfectly balanced dimple pattern.

Our Runner Up – best low spin golf balls

The next ball on our best low spin golf balls is TaylorMade’s TP5x. What certainly sets the TP5x apart from the rest of the balls on our list is its 5 five-piece construction. The extra layer(s) has allowed TaylorMade to fine tune the TP5x thus maximizing performance in the various aspects of a player’s golf game. Some have noted that the additional layers lend itself to greater possibilities in the ball inconsistencies but during our testing and play I could not find an example of where I felt the ball construct was imperfect.

Unlike the Tour B X, the TP5x is a high-launch golf ball but shares a similar firmness and target swing speed to our top ranked offering. When combining a high-launch, low-spin golf ball and adding high compression you get DISTANCE!  In short, the TP5x does not disappoint. For those who generate the needed swing speed we found the TP5x gets down the fairway right up there with the best. We also found it to be a little more forgiving that some of its direct competitors in this market segment for off center contacts.

We really were impressed with the TP5x and the Tour B X and both are set up for good golfers with high swing speeds but If you are looking for a ball with a little softer feel and higher ball flight then the TaylorMade TP5x may actually sneak up and take your top pick.

TaylorMade TP5X

Our Runner Up - best low spin golf balls - TP5x

  •  5 Piece construction
  • Case Urethane cover
  • Tour Flight 322 Dimple Pattern
  • Improved aerodynamics for longer flight and steep angle of descent
  • X-Firm Compression
  • Soft Feel
  •  Speed-Layer System 
  • Higher ball speeds
  • Control in the wind
  • Increased greenside spin
  • Low driver spin
  • High flight

TP5x ‘s key selling points:


The all-new Tour Flight Dimple Pattern unlocks the next level of aerodynamics while still promoting maximum carry distances and a steep angle of descent for stopping power, especially on long irons.


TP5x is our fastest and longest Tour ball, featuring a 5-layer design with four increasingly stiff layers enclosed in cast urethane. It delivers unmatched performance off the tee and on the approach, without sacrificing feel on the scoring shots.


While maintaining the formula that makes TP5x a leader in speed and distance, we’ve added a softer cast urethane cover for increased groove interaction on greenside shots for more spin and improved feel.

Our Other top picks – best low spin golf balls

Ranked 3rd

The next ball on our best golf balls for low spin ranking is the Vice Drive. While it does share the common characteristic of being a low spin ball like the first balls on our list it does not share much else. Nonetheless it does deliver a very affordable, low spin golf ball for low swing players. It is easy for players to get caught up in the thinking that premium equipment will deliver them better results. Instead, the reality is a player with a great controlled swing and a ball pulled from the water will outperform an erratic player with a new pack of ProV1’s.  

The Vice Drive is a 2-piece DuPont Surlyn cover with a soft feel and provides exceptional distance for slow swing speeds. We played a round with about a 2-club head wind and found that the Vice Drive was able to navigate the wind exceptionally well in comparison to some of the other balls in the price range as well as several other more expensive options.

The short game is what you would expect from a 2-piece Surlyn covered ball and more. While we did not see anything out of the ordinary on the putting surface, we did find that playing into the green was much better than expected. We found our greens in regulation higher than many other balls of this type as we were able to stick greens that might have otherwise bounced or rolled through.

What we can say, in conclusion, is that you would be hard pressed to find another low spin ball on the market near this price point that delivered to its target market like the Vice Drive does and as a result we have no trouble including it in our best low spin golf ball list.

Vice Drive

Best low spin golf balls - Vice Drive

  • 2-Piece DuPont™ Surlyn© construction
  • Soft Energy Speed Core (ESC)
  • New 312 large dimple pattern
  • High ball flight with maximum distance
  • Newly designed KIL line with sharp edges for optimal alignment
  • Low compression
  • Extremely tough and cut-resistant cover
  • Players with low to medium clubhead speed
  • Soft feel
  • Designed and engineered for beginners and occasional golfers
  • Value priced

Vice Drive’s key selling points:


MAXIMUM CUT-RESISTANCE – The thin DuPont™ Surlyn© cover is extremely tough and cut-resistant, offering high durability. The new Vice DRIVE features a 312 large dimple pattern reducing air resistance to a minimum thus facilitating a more stable trajectory of the golf ball.


OPTIMAL ALIGNMENT ON THE GREEN – The new Vice DRIVE features an adapted KIL-putting line for better visual perception of alignment when addressing the ball. The extra-long and highly visible “Keep In Line” (KIL) putting line with sharp edges has been developed in collaboration with amateurs and teaching professionals to meet the highest putting and alignment needs.


OUTSTANDING DISTANCE OFF THE TEE AT 95MPH DRIVER SWING SPEED – Tested by a swing robot at the independent “Golf Laboratories” in San Diego, USA, the new Vice DRIVE achieves greater distance off the tee and higher spin rates in wedge testing than its predecessor model. The new Vice DRIVE allows golfers to generate spin on the green and attack short pin positions successfully.

Ranked 4th

The next ball on our best low spin golf balls rankings is the Titleist AVX. It is not the first time that the AVX makes one of our top 5 lists but it is well worth its spot as it delivers a premium golf ball for those not able to generate the swing speeds needed for our top ranked offerings. 

The AVX delivers excellent scoring control for golfers who prioritise distance and extremely soft feel with a piercing, low ball flight. In addition, the newest version has improved the balance between distance and feel thus making it ideal for all around play.

While the overall performance of the AVX was very convincing what I did come away with maybe more than anything else was the fact that it may have been the ball that I found the most comfortable with from short distances and on and around the green. It is a great option for those whose game is not set up for to the flagship ProV1(x) models but looking for a quality ball from the market leader. 

Titleist AVX 

Best low spin golf balls - Titleist AVX

  • 3-Piece construction
  • Unique Spherically-Tiled 352 Catenary Dimple Design
  • Long Distance
  • Low flight
  • Low driver Spin
  • Very Soft Feel
  •  Excellent Greenside Spin and Control
  • Low compression
  • Large Core Formulation
  • High Flex Casing Layer
  • Thin Cast Urethane Elastomer Cover

The AVX ‘s key selling points:

Maximum Ball Speed and Total Performance from Tee-To-Green

High Energy Core is engineered to increase ball speed and distance through the bag. In addition the core also works with the High-Speed Mantle to boost resilience and speed.

Increased Spin and Control

The thin urethane cover system gives you more precise control on scoring shots into the green.

Designed for Speed

While the Titleist AVX golf ball is designed for high ball speed and long distance it also provides excellent greenside spin and control with very soft feel for the golfer.

Ranked 5th

The last entry on our best low spin golf ball list is the Srixon Q-STAR Tour Divide and I must say I have been itching to get down and start writing about this ball. It is really hard to not just caught up on the 50/50 color split but before I do I need to get some words down about the why it is here, the low spin.

Now in its 5th generation, Srixon has had some time to get it right, and it has. This ball gets out there and explodes off the tee and is noticeably longer than its previous iterations and mid+ flight still was resilient to head and cross winds.

The price performance ratio is excellent as the Q-Star Tour is approximately 40% less than the premium brands. For the price conscious this would quickly bring the ball up the ranking list. Also, worth mentioning is the how well this ball plays into and on the green. Wedges attacked and stuck greens with ease and the feel on the putter was great….

And now…..

Some will surely be against the 50/50 red and yellow matt cover. I know many golfers who would look at you with disdain for hitting a yellow golf ball and this is for sure a full step further. So, when I pulled this out of my pocket it did turn some heads. It is a little clown like color scheme so I was really happy when I launched one down the middle on the first tee.

It was a lot of fun. While I am not convinced that trying to understand how fast the ball is spinning while watching the ball rotate would be as effective as spending some time with a trackman you are always welcome to try. In the end it might make you dizzy trying but if it does works for you then great! I could see myself retreating to the Q-Star Tour on my more conservative days but nonetheless this is a great ball and I would highly recommend you grabbing a pack and giving them a try.

Srixon Q-STAR Tour Divide

best low spin golf alls - Q-Star Tour Divide

  •  3-piece construction
  • Urethane cover
  • 388 Speed Dimple Pattern
  • Mid-high launch with high greenside
  •  Consistent, powerful ball flight with incredibly soft feel
  • Low driver spin
  • Great price quality ratio

Srixon Q-STAR Tour Divide key selling points:

Distance, Accuracy, and Great Feel

With its graduated transition from soft inner core to firm outer edge, FastLayer behaves like a core with thousands of layers, therefore giving you distance and soft feel without compromise. The new Q-STAR TOUR golf balls feature our softest FastLayer core with tour calibre performance. It’s the largest core in its class, so it’s the largest engine in its class. That means distance and short game spin like you’ve always seen on tour, but softer feel than you’ve ever seen on tour. A softer core also dramatically reduces long game sidespin. As a result your driver and wood shots fly straighter and stay on target for more accuracy off the tee

388 Speed Dimple Pattern

The 338 Speed Dimples featured on Q-STAR TOUR golf ball improves overall aerodynamics for better flight performance with drivers, woods, and irons. With just the right combination of dimple uniformity and dimple occupancy, the Speed Dimples boost distance and keep the ball on a straight path, even in the toughest wind conditions.

Drag Less, Glide More

Speed Dimples reduce drag while increasing lift thus creating just the right aerodynamic conditions for maximum flight distance. With a lower drag coefficient the ball is able to cut through air with less resistance, as such, yielding more speed and a more penetrating launch. The reduced drag also fights against the wind, so to allow your shots fly straighter in harsh conditions. With a higher lift coefficient air pushes up on the ball throughout its decent therefore slowing its fall and forcing it to stay in the air longer for maximized distance

Start Seeing Double

The new Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE is a performer, through and through. Unlike painted golf balls, DIVIDE’s entire thermoplastic urethane cover is infused with bright pigments, so the color won’t scratch or tear. IN addition, the premium urethane adds spin for plenty of control around the greens.

A resilient mid-layer increases speed off the tee. And the FastLayer core—which is soft at its center but gradually becomes firm around its edge—provides the distance and softer feel you’d expect from a fully-featured tour ball.

See Your Spin

When it comes to pitches and chips around the green, DIVIDE’s unique two-tone cover produces a strobe effect while spinning, revealing the speed and direction of spin on each of your shots. It’s a powerful tool for tracking and improving your consistency, and you can only see it with the Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE.

See Your Line

The longer your alignment line, the easier it can be to line up your putts. And with DIVIDE’s one-of-a-kind seam line running around the entire golf ball, you get 360˚ of alignment so you can putt with perfect aim.

This year I am tracking all the balls I find during my golf rounds to come up with this years winner of the OFF PIST GOLF BALL OF THE YEAR. If you would like to see if any of our recommendations strayed from the fairway come take a look.