The 5 best golf balls for 20 handicap

The 5 best golf balls for 20 handicap

We continue on with the second article in our best balls for handicaps series with our best golf balls for 20 handicap recommendations. As we did in our best balls for 10 handicap article, we need to come to an understanding of what the profile of a 20 handicapper looks like before trying to pair him with a golf ball that best suits his game.

While 10 strokes may not seem like seem like a huge separation between our two profiles statistically the difference is very significant. Our 20-handicap golfer is in the 80th percentile of golfers so those 10 strokes dropped him by 50% as compared to the 10 handicapper, yet Interestingly enough they are stilled classed by most as average golfers or bogie golfers.

The average swing speed for the 20 handicapper is approximately 92 mph so the most suitable ball would be one that falls in our average range of 84-96 mph. While the average driving distance has a differential of about 14 yards a drive it is not enough distance to account for the stoke difference if we were talking about hitting in a straight line.  This would support the fact that our 20 handicapper is also dealing with a wider ball distribution and as such needs a ball that is as forgiving as possible.

Of the 10-stroke difference a little less than 3 of them are lost on the greens which means our lower handicapper performs about 10% better on the greens. Instead, he performs much better in hitting greens in regulation where he almost doubles the efficiencies of the 20 handicapper.  This would support our premise that our higher handicap golfer may actually be playing into the greens at lesser distances and may be in no worse off as far as first putt distances, he is just not making as many of them.

The last point we would like to put forward in the profile is the fact that the higher the handicap the higher the probability that the he scores above his handicap and by more strokes. This translates into more lost balls and at an average of 4 balls during the round the price point needs to be a point of consideration. So based in the above here are our 5 best golf balls for 20 handicap, hope you enjoy!

Our 5 top picks

Our Choice
Maxfli StraightFli  Vice Tour Volvik Power Soft Wilson Tour Velocity Feel  Pinnacle Soft

Construction 2-Piece 3-Piece 2-Piece 2-Piece 2-Piece
Price Value Value Value Value Value
Cover Surlyn Surlyn Ionomer Ionomer Ionomer
Compression Med Low Med Med Low
Dimples 374 392 322 400 332
Feel Very Soft Medium Soft Soft Softer
Driver Spin Low Low Low Low Low
Flight Mid-High High Mid/High Mid/High Mid/High
swing Speed 84-96 84-96 84-96 84-96 84-96
Handicap High Mid-High High High Mid-High
Colors W / Y / O W W / Y / O / R / G W W / P
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Our Choice

Maxflifli StraightFli – best golf balls for 20 handicap

The 5 best golf balls for 20 handicap - Maxflifli StraightFli


  • Maxfli’s straightest golf ball promotes more accurate ball flight for improved overall performance
  • Laboratory and Robot testing proves StraightFli travels 20% straighter than previous Maxfli golf balls
  • Find the Fairway™ Dimple Pattern utilizes 374 large and small dimples in stacked and packed patterns for reduced lift
  • Soft Ionomer blend cover formulation enables excellent greenside spin for greater feel and control
  • 2-piece construction provides an optimal blend of distance and accuracy


We went back and forth on deciding which ball should be the leader in our rankings for the best golf balls for a 20 handicap but ultimately decided that Maxflifli StraightFli did enough to earn the spot. Feeling that the biggest challenge for our golfer was keeping the ball in the fairway and out of trouble the StraightFli did exactly what its name suggested. 

Being a 2-piece Surlyn covered ball the feel was a little crisper than some of the other balls on our list but as mentioned we felt it was worth sacrificing a little feel on the green for a ball easier to be kept in play. So, to say it is a soft ball as advertised might be being slightly forgiving but it still does play reasonably well at sticking on the greens. Its mid-high flight also helped dealing with some cross winds we faced on some of the longer holes.

 While it was not the longest ball on our list off the tee it still gained good distance and, in the end, a slightly shorter straight ball will always be closer to the pin than a long wild one. Value priced it won’t break the bank even if a few are left behind during the day. So, for those 20-handicapers who are struggling to keep the ball in play we feel it is a great option for you and is why it is our pick for the best golf balls for 20 handicap.

Maxflifli StraightFli s key selling points:

Max Keep your shots on line with ease while playing Maxfli StraightFli Golf Balls. Laboratory and robot testing proves StraightFli golf balls travel 20% straighter than previous Maxfli models for unprecedented performance gains. A unique Find the Fairway™ dimple pattern utilizes 374 large and small dimples in stacked and packed patterns to reduce lift and increase accuracy. The soft Ionomer blend cover formulation unlocks superior feel and control around the green.

Our Runner Up – best golf balls for 20 handicap

The second position in our best golf balls for 20 handicap is the Vice Tour. The 3-Piece DuPont™ Surlyn cover and the lower compression does play a little softer in our opinion than the Maxfli despite Vice classifying it as a medium softness ball. While it is still a low spinning ball it does offer a little more playability for those looking to work on shaping some shots at the cost of being slightly less forgiving that the StraightFli.

We did not notice a great difference between our top two balls as far as holding greens but similar to other models of the Vice line-up the KIL-putting line really is the one that I appreciate the most across all brands and balls on the market but of course this is highly subjective.

We consistently gained more distance from the tee with the Vice Tour and as well as higher ball flight but always keeping in consideration it is a little less forgiving so in windier conditions our 20 handicapper may struggle that extra bit keeping the ball in play. But it does usually come in slightly less expensive that our top pick so it still wont break the bank.

Ultimately, we felt that the Vice Tour was best suited for the 20 handicapper that is starting to play down on his handicap and really looking to improve but still needs a forgiving enough to handle inconsistent ball contacts and average swing speeds.

Vice Tour

Runner Up - best golf balls for 20 handicap - Vice Tour

  • 3-Piece DuPont™ Surlyn© construction
  • 392 aerodynamic dimple design
  • Soft Energy Speed Core (ESC) for extra distance and smooth feel at impact
  • Minimized driver spin
  • High ball flight stability
  • Average swing speeds
  • Outstanding distance off the tee with minimum dispersion
  • Excellent greenside control
  • Amazingly gentle feel off the clubface
  • Extremely tough and cut-resistant cover
  • Newly designed KIL line with sharp edges for optimal alignment

Vice Tour’s key selling points:


The improved Vice TOUR model offers exceptional distance off the tee and low driver spin. Fellow golfers value the soft feel and low compression of the Vice TOUR model allowing for aggressive shots into the green.


The thin DuPont™ Surlyn© cover is extremely tough and cut-resistant, offering high durability. The 392 dimple pattern is aerodynamically aligned for constant & stable ball flight with minimum lateral movement.

3rd Pick – best golf balls for 20 handicap

The Volvik Power Soft is next in our top five golf balls for 20 handicap picks. Again, a similar ball to our top pick but built a little more for distance than absolute control. Some might suggest this is apparent by the significantly lower dimple count, the lowest of our top 5 but leaving the dimples aside we were longer off the tee with the Power Soft than the Maxfli but not quite as long as the Vice Tour.  

It also feels a little nicer off the clubface due to its lower compression that our top pick and also translates into a little nicer play on the green and off the putter. Its five glossy colors do make the Power Soft and this as well as the double-digit high numbers may be fun for the weekend golfer. 

Volvik Tour S3

top picks for best golf balls for 20 handicap - Volvik Power Soft

  • 2-Piece Constrction
  • Super Soft ionomer cover for excellent green side control
  • Volvik patented Icosidodecahedron 372-dimple Pattern
  • Consistent and Stable Ball Flight
  • Oversized Power Core Provides Explosive Ball Speed
  • Outstanding Driver Performance
  • USGA / R&A conforming
  •  Perfect Putting Feel with Enhanced Ball Control and Spin around Greens
  • Feel: Soft
  • Shot Shape: Straight
  • Trajectory: Mid High
  • Driver Spin: Low
  • Wedge Spin: Good
  • Ideal for average swing speeds (70-90 mph)

Volvik Power Soft key selling points:

  • Oversized Power Core Provides Explosive Ball Speed.
  • Outstanding Driver Performance with Reduced Spin Rates & Mid-High Launch Angle.
  • Super Soft Ionomer Cover for Greenside Control.
  • Excellent Visibility in FIVE Glossy Color Options.
  • Double Digit Numbers: 00, 11, 22, 33

4th Pick – best golf balls for 20 handicap

Our next pick for the best golf ball for a 20 handicap is the Wilson Tour Velocity Feel. This is the most economic option on our rankings and comes in a 15-ball pack. The 2-Piece Ionomer cover may have had the softest “soft” feel of the balls on our list resulting in surprisingly comfortable contacts with the club face for a two-piece ball. It is worth mentioning that there is a twin ball in this range, the Wilson Tour Velocity Distance, that did not make our top 5. We felt that the Velocity Feel was a better choice given that there was more to be gained from the feel, play and control of this version rather than some extra yardage.

While we did not get in as much time as planned with Tour Velocity Feel due to some less than ideal weather conditions we are quite confident that it matches well with our profiled golfers demands and pocket book

Wilson Tour Velocity Feel 

Top picks for best golf balls for 20 handicap - Tour Velocity Tour Feel

  •  2-piece construction
  • 400-dimple pattern
  • Ionomer cover
  • Available in white 
  • Medium compression
  • Mid-high ball flight 
  • Average swing speeds
  • 70 Compression

Wilson Tour Velocity Feel key selling points:

  • Extreme Distance from Tee to Green
  • Hard cover material generates optimal ball trajectory for maximum distance and roll
  • Mid compression core for increased feel and playability on short game and approach shots 
  • Enhanced aerodynamic dimple pattern provides superior performance & increased power off the tee

5th Pick – best golf balls for 20 handicap

I feel a little nostalgic anytime I am playing, talking or writing about Pinnacle golf balls. It brings me back to the days of being a junior member at my local golf club in the summers and getting in discussions with my friends about the legality of Pinnacle balls and how long they were. It may actually be one of the only golf balls I remember back then. Fast forward too today and Pinnacle is still very relevant in this market segment after all these years.

The last entry in our top 5 golf balls for 20 handicap is the Pinnacle Soft. It is significantly softer and lower compressed than our other balls on the list. At a 45 compression it is well suited for our averaged swing speed golfer being able to gain distance from the tee. The low compression may not be appealing for those looking for a little more bite at contact but it for sure will a following with others and it separates it from the other options on our top 5.

It may not be as cool of a choice as it was way back then with all of the new direct selling balls and options on the market but the new Pinnacle Soft still shows that Pinnacle has its place in golf today.

Pinnacle Soft

Top picks for best golf balls for 20 handicap - Pinnacle Soft Feel

  • 2-piece construction
  • Ionomer cover
  • Advanced icosahedral 322 dimple design
  • High energy, low compression solid core delivers incredibly soft feel and distance
  •  Soft, durable cover provides more control and feel
  • Consistent, powerful ball flight with incredibly soft feel
  • Low spin performance to generate greater distance
  • Available in a 15-ball pack

Pinnacle Soft key selling points::


Pinnacle Soft is designed to give golfers an incredibly soft feel and help them hit the ball longer. The high energy, low compression core combined with a soft cover and advanced 332 icosahedral dimple design create low spin for longer shots and a soft feel. Available in white and pink.


The core is the engine. Pinnacle Soft contains a proprietary high-energy, very low compression core creating the softest feel and low spin for long distance.


The incredibly soft ionomer cover provides extremely soft feel on all shots while our advanced icosahedral dimple design with 332 dimples ensures ideal, consistent flight.

This year I am tracking all the balls I find during my golf rounds to come up with this years winner of the OFF PIST GOLF BALL OF THE YEAR. If you would like to see if any of our recommendations strayed from the fairway come take a look.