Best driver for a slice 2021/2022

 best driver for a slice 2021/2022

Back to drivers. We have been doing a lot of writing lately trying to get our 2021/2022 gear lists released. We still have a couple of drivers ranking lists to write up and publish. Our Best driver for slice 2021/2022 rankings list is one of those so lets get started…

All told we had decided on 7 different dynamic lists to maintain and move forward year on year. This way we will always be comparing new and comparable gear options. Remember all driver options that are included or have fallen from our top 3 rankings for the current period can be found in our best golf drivers for 2021/2022 master ranking list.

Perhaps our article is a little misleading. Just to be clear we will also will consider and include the fade biased options here. Since the majority of golfers who look for “correctional” drivers are trying to resolve a slice we figured the title fit most of our readers challenges. This is also evidenced in manufacturers product releases given relatively few drivers being focused on resolving the hook.

Bias driver design really can be summarised by trying to enable golfers to square the club face at impact by mechanically altering the properties of the driver. Examples could be higher lofts, weight displacement and changes to shaft weight and flex. 

I will re-iterate what I said in our first Best driver for slice article. None of these or any other bias drivers will fix your slice, only fixing your swing will resolve the slice problem. What they can do is potentially keep you 10 or so yards back in the right direction. If you feel that you are always around the fairway but are struggling on the edges then maybe a bias driver will make sense for you. For the rest who are more erratic off of the tee ranging randomly between a fade and a banana 2 fairways over I would suggest you invest in your swing not the equipment.

If you are looking to moderate your biases from the tee hopefully this gives you a head start.

TaylorMade Stealth HD Driver

Taylormade Stealth Draw Driver 10.5 Righthanded

The Stealth HD driver is one of the three Stealth drivers released this year by TaylorMade. We were lucky enough to get a chance to test all 3 during our testing day. Much of what we said in our previous review for the Stealth plus holds true so to avoid duplication you can find those words here.

2 seasons ago I did play the SIM Max driver so I do have some hands-on experience when I was comparing TaylorMade’s draw bias drivers. I was actually surprised as the difference (favorable) in the biased drivers was more recognizable than the “unbiased” options. This in part may be due to it Stealth now being two driver releases from the initial Max driver series.

My natural tendency to slightly fade my drives was more often than not ironed out. I was finding fairway center strike after strike. Even with the correction face the driving distances were optimal. For those players with a more pronounced fade to slice ball flight there is no question the advantage here far outweighs any questions on driving distances.

I was testing a nine-degree stiff shaft set up (normally playing xstiff) and still was getting great launch height and carry. My swing speed is right around 120mph so I would say for those with slower swing speed you might want to consider lofting up one notch. 

Aesthetically it is a really great looking driver, a definite eye catcher. Maybe for some this might draw to much attention to you on the tee for your comfort level 🙂 It is however a premium priced club so if you are not a mid-handicapper or better your focus might be served investing in lessons than trying to correct your issues with technology.

If however you are a better than average golfer who looks for a tool to slightly adjust/correct their ball flight then the TaylorMade Stealth HD Driver is one of this year’s best options out there.

TaylorMade Stealth HD Driver
  • The 60X Carbon Twist Face is encased by a polyurethane cover, featuring a revolutionary new nanotexture technology. The nanotexture cover is used to fine tune launch and spin to optimize total distance regardless of playing conditions.
  • The weight savings of the 60x Carbon Twist Face has allowed more weight to be positioned low and deep in the head, this will add 15% more MOI compared to Stealth Plus+.
  • The Inertia Generator remains the foundational source of refined aerodynamic properties. The result is a slippery-fast head shape that aids in swing speed generation on the downswing for golfers at every level.
  • Our most flexible Speed Pocket design engineered to maximize ball speeds and produce additional forgiveness on low face strikes.

Cobra LTDX Max Driver

Cobra Golf 2022 LTDX Max Driver Matte Black-Gold Fusion (Men's, Right Hand, Project X Hzrdrus Smoke RDX Blue, Stiff Flex, 9)

The Cobra LTDX Max Driver is another great option for those golfers looking for a driver to help correct fade/slice ball flight. What we loved about the LTDX Max was how adjustable the weighting combined heel and back weighting system is. Given that we all suffer from varying degrees banana-itus it makes sense to have the option to control the level of correction. 

The adjustable weighting facilitates the following degrees of correction:

  • 10g in back delivers 5 yards of draw
  • 10g in heel delivers 11 yards of draw
  • 10g in heel + “DRAW” loft setting delivers 18 yards of draw

At is most forgiving setting the LTDX Max does compete with higher performing bias drivers we have got our hands on this year. To be honest if you are looking for more that 18 yards of correction you might want to invest in working on your swing as much as driver. And for the few yards you might have given up in bias you have gained in getting one of the most forgiving driver faces out there. It really makes this a driver that is accessible for a huge range of golfers. 

The last thing we would like to say before we give way and close out the review with COBRA’s tech and marketing stuff is a few words on pricing. While the Cobra LTDX Max Driver is still a premium driver it does generally come in from 10%+++ less expensive than most of the other big boys. This means you can easily find yourself an extra hundred bucks in your pocket and still have your hands on one of the best options available. 

Tech Specs


PWR-COR Technology is a multi-material weighting system that positions as much weight as possible low and forward. 10 grams total (a 6g machined steel internal weight and a 4g exterior aluminum weight) is positioned right behind the hitting zone to transfer maximum speed to the golf ball at impact with reduced spin.


A multi-material construction uses a lightweight carbon crown and sole plate, and a lighter and stronger titanium chassis. The new chassis design is 8.3g lighter and allows for up to 30% more carbon fiber to be used. A lighter chassis is critical to freeing up more discretionary weight that could be positioned low and forward in the PWR-COR to increase ball speed.


An updated CNC Infinity Face design wraps around the leading edge to increase the zone of maximum ball speed while providing a traditional topline for improved visual alignment.


Using machine learning and CNC machining, we’ve created a new variable thickness design that is precision tuned for speed. H.O.T stands for “Highly Optimized Topology.” Using data from thousands of impact simulations, we’ve optimized thicknesses in 15 different zones to maximize ball speed across a larger area of the face. These zones create visual peaks and valleys that resemble a topology map, which is how the design got its name.


Two adjustable weights (a heavy 10g and a lightweight 3g) can be positioned in the back and heel position. Position the 10g heavy weight in the back for a neutral to draw biased ball flight, or in the heel for max draw bias (11 yards).

Cobra LTDX Max Driver
  • Pwr-Cor Technology-Multi material weighting system consisting of steel, titanium and aluminum positions mass low and forward to combine low spin with faster ball speed for maximized distance
  • HOT Face-Highly Optimized Technology uses Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to create our hottest face; The design uses 15 HOT zones with strategic thickness to increase smash factor and ball speed across a wider area of the face
  • CNC Milled Infinity Face-An updated CNC Infinity Face design wraps around the leading edge to crease the zone of maximum ball speed while providing a traditional topline for improved visual alignment
  • Multi-Material Chassis-Lightweight Carbon crown, sole plates and a reinforced Titanium Speed Frame to create optimal weight distribution for maximum stability
  • Adjustable Weighting-A heavy and lightweight (10G and 3G) can be positioned in the back or heel to promote a neutral biased or draw biased flight