Best golf drivers for mid handicappers 2021/2022

Best golf drivers for mid handicappers 2021/2022

Our Best golf drivers for mid handicappers 2021/2022 rankings list picks up where we left of with our last year’s ranking list. We are bringing the new dynamic rankings list approach to how we manage our driver reviews for 2021/2022 and going forward. The biggest difference is that we will limit each specific driver review category to the top 3 entries. For those that fall from the top ranks they still can be found on the master ranking list.

Since the cutover to the new format is not precise, we do try to prioritise those options that came in later in the year. Our plan in the future is to shift everything forward to the next seasons rankings in the fall of each year. 

Our mid handicappers 2021/2022 continues to be the hardest golfing segment to make generalizations about. We classify this group of golfers having handicaps ranging from 11-20. They are more apt to be doing some things well and some things less so.  To that effect we have all experienced the many different places and ways on a golf course to make a mess of things. So, when we sat down to write our best drivers for mid handicapper list, we kept this in mind. Our goal is to give some options that would appeal to the various strengths and weaknesses of our mid handicapper.

Keep in mind there are endless ways to change the performance and feel of a driver. There are more shafts on the market than ever. Different adjustable weights on the club faces, sizes and weights of grips all factoring in the final performance of the driver. If a golfer customizes his club, its performance and behavior will be completely different than the standard off the shelf version. So, to try to keep our reviews real and comparable we limit our testing setups to those offered as standard from the manufacturer.

This is not a price sensitive list. We only look for giving you options that would typically work within this skill set. As mentioned, it is a difficult group to draw lines for so it is very possible some drivers may go up or down a skill level. This is even now more so when manufacturers are trying to pack features into their drivers that appeal to the masses.

Hopefully we can help give you some ideas and insight into finding the right driver to have you down the center of the fairway from the first tee onward.

PXG 2021 0211 Driver

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Some months ago, I had the opportunity to take part in an PXG fitting day.  I was primarily focused on getting hooked up for a new set of GEN4 irons which I could not be happier about. But when opportunity knocks you should take advantage so I spent the remainder of the day going up and down PXG’s current product offerings, including the PXG 2021 0211 Driver.

The question I had been asking myself was, how does a company who has lived almost entirely at the peak of pricing all of the sudden offer a driver that’s price tag makes you think it is a mistake, and what are the consequences. I can tell you I still have not figured out the how but as far as the consequences go, NOT MUCH!

The look at address would definitely never make you think you were playing anything other than a premium priced driver. Actually, you are not, you just aren’t paying for it. PXG will tell you that you that the 2021 0211 Driver is be benefactor of some of the leading technology advances in the premium priced series.  The Ti412titanium alloy face actually makes its debut in 2021 0211 series, so it is not only inheriting tech but taking it forward. 

If you turn the club over you will notice that there is not the adjustable sole weighting that comes with the top line of drivers. While some may try to make this a point of concern my opinion is, so what?? I have played a TaylorMade driver with adjustable weighting for the last 4+ seasons and I can tell you that I don’t use it. I understand that many golfers may but I prefer to have my driver set up from day 1 in a way that best suits my game and go with it. I really don’t need to give myself even more to think about when standing over a ball at the tee.

As far as the weighting goes, a backweight is applied to the sole of the club. The weight back design creates a deep center of gravity position, producing higher launch conditions and an exceptionally high MOI. While it cannot be moved there is eight different weights to adapt the forgiveness and weight profile to your game. But I am not here to give you a list of tech specs and marketing…. PXG can do that, I will just concentrate on feel and performance.

In a good half hour of ball striking, I was really impressed with the results. It handled off center contacts extremely well so I can’t argue with this 0211 being promoted as a forgiving driver. I am not one that cares so much about how a driver sounds, I will leave that discussion for when I talk about my guitars. If I stick to golf, where the ball lands are what really matters. Birdies still count when they sound off key, and so do double bogies even if perfectly in tune 🙂

The distances achieved were better than satisfactory. I did not get the same results as I did with my SIM2 but the setup was not the exact same profile. Even so this is not a “short distance” driver. Dropping off 10 yards but keeping your ball in play will give you more gains on the score card than dropped strokes. But the real story here is the cost….

Look, the fact is on overall performance you are getting a driver that can compete with all of those at the top of their class. Will it win longest drive, most likely not. Is it the absolute most forgiving, it is hard to say but it is in the conversation. But there is no other driver anywhere close to performing at this level at a price like this. As far as price-quality ratio’s it wins by knockout. 

So, if you are high to mid handicapper this is a great option. If you are a more casual golfer who does not put a ton of rounds in a year, this is an exceptional option. There are a lot of different category golfers who will find things to love about the PXG 2021 0211 Driver. The hardest thing for us is to limit the rankings lists it belongs.

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