Best golf trolley 2021/2022

Best golf trolley 2021/2022

While preparing the framework for our Best golf trolley 2021/2022 rankings we also finalized our thoughts on how we would approach the whole area of “devices” that carry your golf bag around the course  We had many a discussion and many a drink on the terminology of cart vs trolley. While we may not have come to an agreement on the true definitions, we did agree how we will work here. We will limit trolley to non-electric devices and use cart for those that are electric powered.

We also agreed that we will maintain 7 core articles in this market segment for our top 3 rankings and master lists. Here is how we intend to split the golf cart/trolley category: 

Best golf trolley 2021/2022

These are the best releases in the 2021/2022 cycle for non-electric golf trolleys. They are premium golf trolleys and are priced above our USD 200 budget line.

Best budget golf trolley 2021/2022

Here you will find the golf trolleys that will get the job done but save you a little while doing it. You can expect to spend less than USD 200 here.

Best new golf trolley 2021/2022

Following our new methodology, we will maintain a master list that includes all of the trolleys we review so if it would fall from the top 3 you still can find it here. There is also no sub category here, so all priced options are here.

Best electric golf push cart 2021/2022

The new releases for electric golf carts are here. They are our premium carts and as such are priced above our budget line of USD 1000 

Best remote golf carts 2021/2022

While doing our research and testing we saw that there was a large demand for remote capabilities with electric golf carts. We decided to dedicate a ranking just for them so here it is. Also, these options all sit above the USD 1000 budget line.

Best budget golf cart 2021/2022

While many golfers like the idea of having an electric golf cart they don’t like the idea of paying a lot for it. Here you can find the best options on the market under USD 1000. 

Best new golf carts 2021/2022

Our master list for all electric golf cart options is here. So, if we reviewed it, here you will find it.

For our best golf trolley 2021/2022 rankings characteristics like weight became much more important than for our electric cart rankings. We understand that most don’t want to add to the effort in getting the bag up steep inclines. Of course, stability, bag grip, and easy steering wheels are also important factors when choosing the right golf trolley. 

So not to drag this out any longer here are our best golf trolleys for the 2021/2022 cycle.

OMADA Golf Trilite Foldable Golf Cart

OMADA GOLF Trilite Golf Push Cart | Lightweight and Folding Golf Bag Stand | Grey and Black

It is always fun to try out gear that rises to the top of its class and the OMADA Golf Trilite Foldable Golf Push Cart definitely did not disappoint. Since this is a market segment that has significant representation amongst our group, we all paid particular attention. 

The golf trolley has transformed over the recent years from an unstable awkward device to a full featured piece of gear that supports a wide range of golfers demands. The Trilite checks all of those boxes and then some. The Durable Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Frame was the first thing that we noticed. Not only does this cart look great but when you are pushing it over adventurous terrain you still feel your bag stable and firmly held.

Many similar trolleys manufacturers are charging for the features such as the deep storge pocket that comes as standard in the Trilite so despite being a premium priced golf trolley there is a ton of value for your money included here.

Still not sold? Then I would suggest you give knocking the Trilite down and see how easy it is to have it ready to put in the trunk of your car. In less than a minute you can have you can have it up, bag in and off and running.  That is if you can find it in your trunk since the folded space required will leave you ample space for the rest of your golf kit and then some.

Some of the top Trilite features include:

  • Lightweight. Compact. Unfolds in Seconds.
  • Durable & Lightweight Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Frame 
  • 14 lbs
  • Deepest Storage Compartment w/ Easy Access
  • Extra Two-Layer Mesh Pocket Storage
  • Pencil & Scorecard Holder
  • Height Adjustable & Comfortable Foam-Grip Handle
  • Maintenance-free Wheels for All Terrain
  • Detachable Cup Holder
  • Hand Brake
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Compact Fold: 25.5″ x 16.7″ x 12.5″

If you are looking for a golf trolley that won’t disappoint, the OMADA GOLF Trilite Foldable Golf Push Cart is as good of a place to start looking as any.

OMADA Golf Trilite Foldable Golf Push Cart
  • SUPER EASY TO MANEUVER: The Trilite golf pull cart is lightweight and compactable. Weighing in at only 14 pounds and folds/unfolds in seconds!
  • MADE TO LAST: Our golf bag cart was designed to be durable and meant to last. Created with an Aircraft-Grade aluminum frame, we are sure that this golf cart will last you a while.
  • THE STABILITY YOU NEED: Golf courses prove to have unstable terrain. Because of this, we fashion this golf club carrier with three, maintenance-free tires that are stable and provide a consistent push.
  • SO MUCH STORAGE: Omada's push cart for golf clubs has a deep, two-layer, mesh storage compartment meant to fit all your golfing accessories! Perfect for tees, golf balls, and range finders.
  • FOR ANY GOLFER: You can adjust your golf caddy to any height, making it perfect for all golfers! Designed an ultra-strong brake to park, a comfortable foam-grip handle, and a gravity stabilized cup holder.